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Job Acceptance Letters

Usually you will accept an offer verbally, then follow up with a letter like this, if the company prefers. Your acceptance is just as binding whether spoken or written, so accept only after you have carefully weighed your options.

Letter Accepting a Job Offer Example

Dear Ms. Cannon:

I am pleased to accept the job offer for the Planner I position with San Bonito County that starts June 2nd at a salary of $3000.00/mo.  I am excited about the opportunity to put my training and skills to work in a position I have been dreaming about since selecting my major.

I plan to leave my present address after graduation in May and arrive in San Bonito on May 15, 19__.  My new address and phone number will be _________________________.  I will keep my current e-mail address and check it daily, so can be reached quickly in case you need to talk to me.

Again, let me thank you for the offer.  I really enjoyed our interview, the people I met, and was impressed by the organization. 


Mark Fidelis
8040 Bonaventure Rd.
Chico, CA 95926



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