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3 Stress Free Interview Tips

Interviewing can be the most stressful, or the most enjoyable part of the job search process. With some initial preparation, you will be able to enter your interview feeling relaxed and confident.

There are two main purposes in any interview:

  1. The company is trying to determine if you are a "fit" for the job;
  2. You are trying to learn if the job is a "fit" for you.

Since your time with the interviewer may be limited, you can make a stellar impression and capitalize on the time you have by doing your homework.

Practice Beforehand
Rehearse answers to common interview questions with a friend. Prepare a short list of questions you can ask the interviewer either about the company or about the position itself. Memorize your questions - do not read them off of note cards. By doing this, you will appear more spontaneous and conversational.

Dress Professionally and Comfortably
A good rule of thumb is to dress one step above the current work environment. If you entered the interview process via a search firm, utilize the dress recommendations of the search firm. Simply put, your search firm knows how the client company desires to have prospective employees dress for interviews.

First Impressions Do Count
On the day of your interview, arrive early to complete any application materials, forms or tests. Be sure to have your current interview material when you arrive; resume, references, samples of work, portfolio etc. Make a strong first impression with everyone you meet at the company by: giving a firm handshake, looking everyone in the eye, and smiling when you introduce yourself. Experts generally agree that people form an impression about you within 30 seconds, so make those opening moments count!

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