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Kay Traester has been my student teacher in my eighth grade English classes during the winter/spring period of the 2004-2005 school year.  Kay came well prepared to her student teaching experience.  Prior to being my student teacher, she was a tutor for several weeks for some of my needier students after school.  In this capacity she was consistent, compassionate and reliable.  While student teachers are required to spend one hundred hours for field study, Kay had clocked well over double that amount prior to her student teaching experience with me further evidencing her dedication to the teaching profession.  This enthusiasm and philosophy of hard work did not wane after she began her formal student teaching in earnest.
                        When she began her student teaching, it was immediately evident that Kay had a love for the profession and a sincere interest in and concern for the students.  She was willing to come up with creative lessons that proved to be interesting and educationally effectiive.  Furthermore, she spent many hours with an individual student working on reading strategies on her own time to help one of my less capable readers.
             Kay has approached any and all aspects of the work involved in teaching my students with eager anticipation.  She wrote extremely detailed and well thought out plans in spite of the fact that during this entire student teaching experience she maintained her responsibilities as editor in chief of the Colgate University Maroon News weekly newspaper.  In fact, in my thirty years of teaching I have never experienced any student teacher who was better prepared and who worked harder than Kay.   Her lessons have been thought out and professional.  She was always willing to adjust any parts of her lessons she thought could be improved.
            Kay’s classroom management style seemed closer to that of a veteran teacher than to the student teacher she is.  Her maturity in dealing with the students was evident and, as a result, commanded real respect from the students.
            On a practical level, all the papers, quizzes and tests Kay assigned to the students were immediately graded and returned to the students.  She maintained a level of efficiency that was fueled by her obvious work ethic and her professional concern for her students’ progress.  No time was wasted in her class. 
            While teaching in my classroom Kay took the initiative to create many colorful,  creative and effective bulletin boards relating to the work being done and the units studied in class.  She became ever more efficient in her teaching, keeping lists of students who owed work on the board as well as announcing the homework assigned each day.
            Overall, as the chairman of our English department, I would not hesitate to offer Kay a teaching position in our district were we to have an opening.  Wherever she decides to accept a teaching position, I know with all confidence that she will do an outstanding job and become an asset to the school district fortunate enough to receive her application for employment
            Should you desire further information, please contact me at Sherburne-Earlville Central School.
Respectfully submitted,
Reinerus M. Korver,
English Department Chair
Sherburne-Earlville Central School
Sherburne, N.Y. 13640


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