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To Whom it may Concern:

At the request of Mr. Kipling Mao who is currently applying to your esteemed university for embarking on a degree program in medical science, I am very happy to compose this letter of recommendation on his behalf.

A professor of pediatrics, I have been serving as president of the Children's Hospital of Chongwen District for the past decade. I made my initial acquaintance with Mr. Mao in 1993 when he became employed by our hospital to work as a resident in radiology. He worked as my direct subordinate.

I would describe Mr. Mao as having a solid academic background in the field of medical imaging. In 1995, I arranged for him to undertake a six-month advanced training in Ultrasonics and CT Diagnosis. Later I recommended him to study clinical medicine at Peking Union Medical College during 1996 - 1999, which resulted in Mr. Mao's obtaining of the Bachelor's degree in medical science. Meanwhile, he went on a period of internship at the Department of Radiology of Peking Union Medical College, focusing on CT diagnosis. His assiduity and perseverance finally made him a pediatric radiologist with relatively rich clinical experience. In 1997, he succeeded in winning the first prize for radiology at the Technical Skill Contest for All Hospitals of Beijing Chongwen District. In 1999, he was promoted to become a radiologist in charge.

Mr. Mao is in possession of some of the best qualities of a doctor. On the front page of his notebook were written four words: Selflessness, Benevolence, Diligence and Congeniality, which was a motto by Zhu FuTang, the late founder of Chinese pediatrics and academician of China Academy of Sciences. Guided by those principles, Mr. Mao worked diligently, responsibly, and considerately towards his patients. Sometimes when the victim of a problematic case has to be referred to the municipal hospital for a definitive diagnosis, he would take the pains to follow up the case until the case is accurately determined.

Another distinguishing feature of Mr. Mao is his prominent organizational capability, his cooperative attitude and his readiness to make sacrifice. Under his leadership, the young doctors of our hospital launched a creative project of "Domiciliary Ward" aimed at providing first-class service to the hospitalized patients. In addition, he often paid voluntary visits to community centers to offer free medical check-ups to the local residents. For his unselfish contributions, he was awarded the honors of Model Doctor of Beijing Chongwen District and Prominent Youth of Beijing Municipality.

Professionally and ethically, Mr. Mao has proven himself to be a highly qualified radiologist. But a consensus among the Chinese medical profession is that, in many aspects, China lags far behind the United States in the development of medical science. Mr. Mao has talked to me on a number of occasions that he finds his previous medical training increasingly inadequate for the growing needs of modern medical science. Under such circumstance, it is natural that he desires to seek more advanced studies abroad. I deem it my obligation to offer my assistance to Mr. Mao in his application efforts. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Mao has a good command of English language as he has taken many English training courses over the past few years. His language competence will help him soon adapt to his new environment and further facilitate him in his academic pursuits.

Should you make further inquiries concerning Mr. Mao, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Professor of Pediatrics
President of the Children's Hospital of Chongwen District, Beijing

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