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Dear Sir or Madam:

As the dean of Electronics Engineering College of Heilongjiang University, Mr. Lynd Dong's teacher as well, I fully recommend Mr. Lynd Dong, once my student, to further his major study in your University.

First of all, I'd like to tell you that Dong is one of the most excellent students whom I have met in our department. Impressed by his versatility, I am also especially touched by his conscientious way of study and splendid academic records. I taught him such courses as electronic circuit and computer fundamentals, during which he showed himself as being active in thinking and original in viewpoint. And after class he often came to visit me to discuss problems, some of which seemed to go beyond the teaching program though. Dong operated experiments effectively, for which he, as the only student representative, was admitted into the teachers' scientific research to develop railway communications system.

Mr. Dong is diligent and intelligent. Our department implements difficult courses and strict exams, for which many students fail in the exams. Dong nevertheless remains the top 3% among his classmates, occupying the No. 1 position in the comprehensive ranking upon graduation. Once nearly half of the students failed in Mathematical Method, while Dong scored 97, impressing many teachers.

Mr. Dong is also active in daily life. Playing the violin and drawing pictures well, he is optimistic and always ready to offer help. Being a born leader, all the students were willing to be engaged with him. He was thus elected as the head and general secretary of the department of science and technology. Under his leadership, the radio team worked smoothly and effectively, getting the award of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress. As an excellent student leader, he built up the bridge between teachers and students.

In short, Mr. Dong, as an outstanding young man, has showed great potentialities in academic learning. He will surely be the pillar of the state if he gets enrollment in your University for further study. I strongly recommend him and will appreciate your assistance to his application. Should you need any further information about this promising young man, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Ph.D. of HIT
Professor of Heilongjiang University

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