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Free Sample Letter of Recommendation in Education

Dear Sir or Madam:

Miss Furnival Han has left me a very deep impression for her zeal and earnest in English literature studies. I am very glad to write this letter of recommendation for her because as her teacher and also as director of her foreign studies college, I know very well her change from dislike and unfamiliarity to ardent love for English literature.

I remember she was interested in economics when she first entered university because she was highly gifted in mathematics, ranking first in college entrance examination. She was first repulsive to English literature due to lack of understanding. But after just a semester, she soon became greatly interested in the specialty. Though a first-year student, she soon acquired a penetrating comprehension and stood out as one of my best undergraduates in all my years of teaching experience.

As a second-year student, guided and encouraged by teachers returning from abroad in our department, she made up her mind to further her studies in the United States and exerted herself for this sake. She attended many professional literature forums and even observed postgraduate curricula. Apart from reading reference books with all earnest, she was well read in relevant Western professional books, immensely substantiating her knowledge. This was clearly visible from her theses and distinctively perceivable from our routine communication.

Miss Han was also a good announcer and journalist with the college broadcasting station. The program she hosted was much to the liking of student audiences. I am proud of her performance and amazed at her literary quality. I backed her up fully when she opted for the pedagogy specialty according to her specialty advantage and personal features and the future trend of development in China. I cherish great hope that such a good student would receive better education because this would expedite the advancement of China's relevant faculty.

As a professor I greatly appreciate such an energetic and inquisitive, diligent and clever student. When she told me her desire to study abroad, I expressed full support and encouraged her to work hard for her goal. As college director, I hereby recommend her to you with self-pride and pledge that she will bring your university a new refreshing atmosphere of researches. I hope you will lend her a helping hand with her application.

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