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January 5, 2005

Mr. Sam Smith
Superintendent of Schools
Any Street
Any Town, Any State Any Zip

Dear Dr. Smith:

It is my very great pleasure and honor to supply this letter of recommendation on behalf of Sam A. Student as he applies for the position of Second Grade Teacher with Any School. Mr. Student and I have been affiliated on a professional level for the past two years as he finalizes his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Northern Michigan University. Mr. Student will graduate (with honors) in May, 2005 and I am confident that he will make a vibrant, collegial, and valued member of your teaching staff.

I find myself uniquely qualified to support Mr. Student's candidacy as I have observed him in a number of situations which have allowed me to witness first hand his dedication to the field of teaching, his dedication to his academic preparation, and his willingness to do what it takes in order to let the students in his class rise to their full potential. Characteristics which lend me to believe you will be hard-pressed to find a more qualified candidate include, but are not limited to:


  • Mr. Student's lesson plan preparation and implementation are without equal. Lessons he plans are creative, focused, and yet flexible enough to meet the needs of his students;
  • Mr. Student's willingness to put in the time necessary can be verified by the fact that he has often remained after school with individual students who were apparently struggling with material presented in class;
  • Mr. Student has, on a number of occasions, visited with parents to address their concerns and, more importantly, highlight areas in which the parents' child was doing exceptionally well; and
  • I have consistently witnessed Mr. Student actively seek colleagues to work with (team teaching).

If I had a choice, I'd keep Mr. Student in my classroom. He has, however, expressed a strong desire to join your faculty. This is a wish I support without reservation. I trust my brief highlight of Mr. Student's skills and qualifications show that he is the candidate of choice and I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you in greater detail about Mr. Student's skills, qualifications, and career desires.

Thank you.


Jill Masterpiece
Supervising Teacher, Northern Michigan University


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