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Because judges may receive dozens or hundreds of applications, they use letters of recommendation to distinguish among the many qualified candidates. Most trial court judges require two letters of recommendation and most appellate judges prefer three. Confirm the required number of recommendations with the judge to whom you are submitting your application. At least one of these letters should be from a law school professor. When deciding who on the faculty you should ask to write your letter of recommendation, remember that the best letters of recommendation come from professors who can speak from personal knowledge of you and your work. You start during your first year to develop relationships with your professors. This will ensure that there are one or two faculty members who know you well enough to write personalized letters of recommendation. If there is a particular professor you would like to have write your letter of recommendation, become actively involved with the professor's research or try to serve as his or her faculty fellow, enroll in a directed research with him or her, or do a volunteer project. The professor will become acquainted with you and your work and will be in a better position to write a glowing recommendation. Faculty members know that students will be asking for recommendations. Do not hesitate to ask. However, give them plenty of time - at least one month - to prepare the letters.

If the professor writing your letter of recommendation offers to let you see the letter, read through it to confirm that it is an accurate portrayal of your character and abilities. If it is not, and you have multiple letters to choose from, use the letters that present you in the best light. Each faculty member is different regarding the number of letters they will send. Ask each professor how many letters it is appropriate to request of them. Most professors have no problem with 20-30 letters since they tend to use the same letter for each judge. However, to maintain good will, the more letters you request, the more you should try to lessen the workload for the professor (provide addressed envelopes so the professor doesn't have to worry about it).

You may also consider requesting a letter of recommendation from an attorney who has seen your work. Do not include any recommendations with an attorney from before you entered law school. Again, provide adequate notice to the attorney so that he or she may have sufficient time to complete the recommendation letter. Letters of recommendation can either be sent separately from your application packet or sealed and included with the other application materials. We recommend that you include sealed letters of recommendation in your application packet. This will decrease the possibility that your letters of recommendation become misfiled.

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