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Writing Reference Letters: Before You Begin:

  • When the student asks for a letter, understand what is being asked of you
  • What is the purpose of the letter?
  • What does the student expect from you?
  • Tell the student honestly how you feel about writing the letter for him/her
  • You are under no obligation to write a letter for anyone. If you feel uncomfortable honoring the request, please say so.
  • If you are comfortable writing the letter, ask the student for a copy of:
    -his/her resume
    -a transcript
    -a statement of purpose
    -an outline or list of accomplishments
    -contacts you have had with the students (courses, projects, advising, etc)
  • Whenever possible obtain the name and contact information of the person receiving the letter and send a personalized letter as opposed to a generic "To Whom It May Concern" letter.

Writing the Reference Letter:

  • Explain your relationship with the candidate
  • Make clear how well you know the person and under what circumstances. Include dates
  • Know the candidate's career goals and objectives
  • Tailor the letter of reference to a specific position or career field based on the candidate's goals
  • You may wish to set an appointment to discuss the letter
  • You might want to cover specific characteristics of the candidate including:
    -oral and written communication
    -sense of responsibility
    -ability to plan and organize
    -research skills
    -tact and ability to relate to others
    -group interaction and team-working skills
    -analytical/problem-solving skills
    -interpersonal skills
    -flexibility and adaptability
  • Give specific illustrations and examples rather than vague generalities

Some More Tips:

  • Avoid sexist or racist remarks or physical descriptions. (Example: "Sara is a pretty, sweet young lady" -is not appropriate)
  • Keep your letter brief. Experts agree that a page to a page and a half is long enough for most letters
  • Use your business/organization stationery. The letter is much more impressive when typewritten/wordprocessed on stationery with your organization's letterhead
  • Volunteer to provide further information on the phone. This offer indicates that the candidate is a person about whom you feel strongly
  • End on an upbeat note. If catchy language is your style, use it to emphasize your enthusiasm (i.e. "hire her-you won't be sorry!") Otherwise an overall endorsement is helpful.


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