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How to Write a Letter of Reference

The Graduate Admissions Committee uses references as one means to obtain an independent assessment of your capabilities, experience, and your determination for the chosen degree program.
As a courtesy, print out the Reference Form and provide your writer with a pre-addressed envelope (Use mail address below). Inform your reference that they should sign their letter and mail the letter directly and not return it to you.

In case a Letter of Reference is given to you, you may enclose it when you mail your application to us. However, the letter, signed by the writer, must be submitted in its original, sealed envelope.

You are required to tell your letter writer whether you have retained the right to read their letter once it has been entered into your student file or whether you have waived the right to access their letter. This choice is your free choice but it may affect the information or style of the letter submitted.

Who are appropriate references?
Likely candidates are your professors and faculty advisors. You may also consider others, such as employers, that can assess your qualities in ways that your professors can not. Letters from family members are not appropriate.
When selecting 3 references, keep in mind that each should be able to provide the Graduate Admissions Committee with an assessment of your capabilities, experience, personality and your determination for the chosen degree program. Inform them what you expect them to address. Emphasize that they should write an assessment of you that allows an appropriate admission decision to be reached.

Instructions for References

The writer may chose how a Letter of Reference will be submitted:

  • using the Reference Form
  • using a letter designed by the writer
If the writer chooses to send a letter, please include:
  • the name and address of the applicant
  • whether the applicant retains or waives the right to read the letter
  • the full name and address of the writer including phone number
  • For purposes of comparative assessment of applicants, we ask that the writer address the questions raised in the Letter of Reference form.
Note that the Letter of Reference form offers the opportunity to insert any personal Letter, recommendation or extended statement.

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