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February 2004

Dr. Reference

Dear Dr. Reference:

I am nominating Mr. Candidate for Fellow grade within the IEEE. He has identified you as one of his references since you are qualified to judge his experience in the (fill in) discipline.

Please find enclosed a copy of Mr. Candidate's B-27 Nomination Form for your review. Also enclosed is a B-29 Reference Form which you need to complete and forward to the Fellow Committee (stamped envelope enclosed) so that it is received before March 15, 1999. Please notice that the B-29 form must be typed using no smaller than standard courier font 12-pitch (12 characters per horizontal inch or 10 point if you are using point size). If necessary, cut and paste of the typed copy onto the B-27 form is acceptable. The data on the B-27 Nomination Form should not be repeated word for word on the B-29 form. Your own assessment and wording of the candidate's accomplish-ments and contributions are more appropriate. If for some reason you cannot meet the Fellow Committee deadline of March 15, 1999, or you feel you are not qualified to judge Mr. Candidate's work, please call me or fax me an appropriate message as soon as possible. My telephone and fax numbers are included on the front page of the B-27 form.

In case of emergency, the B-29 form can be faxed to the Staff Secretary at 732-981-9019. Fax copies must be followed by the original, duly signed documents. Also for your convenience, I have enclosed a Federal Express airbill with Georgia Tech's account number. If necessary (in order to meet the March 15th deadline), please use Federal Express to forward the B-29 form to the Fellow Committee.

Thank you so much for serving as a reference. We look forward to Mr. Candidate being recognized as a Fellow within the IEEE.

Most Sincerely,
Mr. Nominator
Telephone: Nominator's
Enclosure Fax: Nominator's

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