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To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for John Q. Doe.

Mr. Doe was a student in my class, POLS 4435: Comparative Foreign Policy, during the Spring semester of 2000.  This course is an advanced course in international affairs, designed to encourage students to think about foreign policymaking within a variety of countries systematically, logically, and coherently.

            Over the course of the semester, I had ample opportunity to assess Mr. Doe’s intellectual abilities.  In class, he always had intelligent, thought-provoking comments and presented them in clear, precise form.  Not only were his observations always analytically sound, but they contributed greatly to the class discussion in so far as they provoked further reflection upon topics that needed to be emphasized.  Not only was his class participation superb, but he received excellent marks on all of his assignments.  His term paper expertly analyzed the institutions of Russian foreign policymaking in the context of NATO involvement in Kosovo.  He received an “A” on this paper, an “A” for class participation, and “A’s” on both in-class exams.  Overall, he ranked in the top 5% of this class.

As you can see, Mr. Doe’s performance in this course was outstanding.   He is an extremely promising student – highly motivated, persistent, and intelligent.  It has been a joy and a privilege to have him in my class.

Mr. Doe’s personal qualities match his intellectual qualities.  I have found John to possess all of the qualities required to excel in virtually any environment – maturity, seriousness, impeccable respect for fellow students, dedication, and a positive outlook.  Most importantly, I believe Mr. Doe to be an individual of impeccable integrity – highly suited to a position of leadership and responsibility in our country.

It is obvious to me that John will make an excellent student of law.  I believe that Mr. Doe will be a tremendous asset to your institution and to the legal profession in general.

I highly recommend him for just such an endeavor.

                                                                                    Very Respectfully,

John P. Moran, Ph.D.

Sample Letter Of Recommendation A: Employment

National Standards University
123 United Blvd.
Anytown, Florida, 32265
(904) 234-1234    Fax (904) 234-5432

July 24, 2003

Dr. Ellen D. Jones
Director of Career Services
University of North America
123 Apple Tree Lane
Collegetown, North Carolina 22334

Dear Dr. Jones:

I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Florence Nightingale. I have known Florence for more than four years. She first came to me as a work study student to organize our year long career panel series while I was still Assistant Director at National Standards University (NSU). I would have to say Florence was one of the most thoughtful, thorough, and independent program planners that we had had at NSU. She encouraged us to pay special attention to such issues as minority representation as well as to produce a balanced and interesting set of events.

In 1999, when I took over the position of Director of Career Planning and Placement for the All American University, I had no professional staff to help me in the rather large task of offering direct services to 1000 students and several hundred active alumni/ae. The first student counselor I hired did not work out, and I immediately thought of Florence. Although she already had a heavy work schedule at NSU in addition to being a full-student, she accepted the position here to handle a full range of professional responsibilities, including career counseling, workshop leadership, and materials design. In these and in all of her endeavors, Florence has demonstrated creativity, adaptability, and abundant enthusiasm. I must say I would have had great difficulty “surviving” my first year on this job without Florence’s help and support.

Individual and small-group work with students and alumni enabled Florence to enhance her counseling skills. Her administrative capabilities have grown, too, as she has sought new responsibilities and assumed new projects. Her contributions to staff development and her suggestions relating to programming have been impressive.

As a colleague, Florence is very enjoyable. She establishes rapport easily with all clients and fellow workers. She has succeeded in creating enthusiasm among all who work alongside her. Her sense of humor and easy-going personality have been much appreciated.

Florence has also been involved in the organization, “American School Women” and has single-handedly kept the organization alive through a series of well-planned programs. She is currently planning a panel of discussion on “Women in Educational Leadership.”

Florence Nightingale is an extremely capable professional who is ready to assume managerial and supervisory responsibilities. She has my strongest recommendation. If you wish to know more about this competent and energetic individual, do not hesitate to contact me at (617-495-3427).


Anabelle Jones

Anabelle Jones


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