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Dear ___________________:

I am being considered for permanent appointment to the position of (title), Professional - SL-(rank), in the (Division), (Department), (Unit) of the University at Albany, State University of New York. I have selected you to provide a non-confidential letter of recommendation on my behalf because of our association regarding (describe the association).

I would appreciate any comments you may have concerning the length and nature of our professional relationship and your evaluation of my service to you and your staff. To assist you with this task, I have enclosed a copy of my resume. The criteria for evaluation are listed below for your information.

1. Effectiveness in performance - demonstrated by effective task performance, efficiency and productivity.

2. Mastery of specialization - demonstrated by degrees, licenses, honors, awards, etc.

3. Professional ability - demonstrated by invention or innovation in professional, scientific, administrative or technical areas. Development or refinement of programs, methods, procedures or operations.

4. University service - demonstrated by participation in committee work, governance, student or community activities.

5. Continuing growth - demonstrated by continuing education, membership and participation in professional organizations, or attendance and involvement in training programs.

6. Other attributes - such as attitude, cooperation, dependability, etc.

Your letter should be addressed to (appropriate official and address). The letter should be received no later than (specify date).

Your recommendation will not be considered confidential and will be available to me, my colleagues and administrative officers as my request for permanent appointment is considered. If you wish to provide a letter of recommendation for my dossier under the~e circumstances, please sign the attachment to this letter and return it with your letter of recommendation. The recommendation cannot be included in my dossier until you have indicated your desire to have it included under these "non-confidential" circumstances.

Although all evaluative letters may be helpful, letters solicited by authorized University officials, such as my supervisor, are essential for my dossier. If my supervisor requests a letter from you, it will be in my best interest that you respond only to my supervisor's request.

Thank you for your assistance.





I approve the use of my letter of recommendation concerning Ms. or Mr. (candidate's last name) permanent appointment under these "non-confidential" circumstances.


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