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Letter of Recommendation

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for an Award

"This letter is in support of X, who is applying for a . . . grant. I have read his statement of purpose with great care; in fact, I have had many discussions with him about his project, which I find both compelling and important.

X is a rare combination: he is already at this young age a seasoned expert in both literature and iconography . . . . Having taught him in a language-intensive course last year, I can bear witness to his superb command of German . . . .

His project's focus of interest, the . . . , is admirably suited to someone of X's talents and industry. The . . . Institute is the ideal place to carry out such research, and I am confident that X`s discoveries will in the long run make an impact on learning in that field.

Add to all this that X is a very congenial person, well-liked by teachers and fellow-students alike, and you will see why I am so positive about this bright and energetic young scholar. I endorse his candidacy with confidence and enthusiasm."

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