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Asking for Reference Letters

I enjoy writing letters of reference for my best students because it gives me a chance to reflect on the skills and abilities I have personally witnessed. I put a lot of effort into each letter I write and therefore writing letters is a time-consuming process. If you want me to write a letter of reference for you, I need you to help me by following these steps. I suspect your other references will appreciate you doing these things for them as well, but ask them if there is anything special you can do to make the process easier on them.


  1. Make sure I will have at least two weeks to write the letters before they have to be mailed/delivered.


 2. Approach Dr. Fortner-Wood during her office hours.  

    1. Remind her in which class(es)/situations she has worked with you.
    2. Remind her if she has written letters for you before and, if so, for what.
    3. Ask her if she is willing/able to write letters of recommendation by the due date.
    4. Tell her what type of program(s) to or position for which you are applying.  


  1. When giving Dr. Fortner-Wood reference letter materials for each program/position, be sure to do the following:                                    
    1. Organize the materials in a folder or envelope to be sure all pieces stay together. If requesting several letters, please separate materials by institution and paper clip materials for each institution together.
    2. Complete all questions on the forms you possibly can including

                                                    i.     Your name

                                                  ii.     Name of program/position to/for which you are applying

                                                iii.     Your decision to waive/not waive your rights to view the letter (if applicable)

                                                iv.     Name of reference (Dr. Cheryl Fortner-Wood)

                                                  v.     Title of reference (Associate Professor, Psychology)

                                                vi.     My Address (134 Kinard, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC 29733)

                                               vii.     My Phone (803-323-2641)

                                             viii.     My Fax (803-323-2371)

                                                ix.     My E-mail (fortnerc@winthrop.edu)

                                                  x.     How long have I known you/the applicant (in years).

    1. Be sure to give an envelope for each letter and do the following:

                                                    i.     Provide Dr. Fortner-Wood’s return address on each envelope. 

                                                  ii.     Be sure to put the correct name and full address for the institution to which the letter is to be sent.

                                                iii.     Place appropriate postage on each envelope (if necessary).

                                                iv.     Using a post-it, indicate on each envelope the date by which the letter must be postmarked, faxed, e-mailed, or picked up by you (not received) as well as if the letter is to be mailed by me or by you.

                                                  v.     Write “re: your name” in the bottom left corner of each envelope just in case your materials are mixed up with those of other students.

    1. Be sure to indicate what experiences or qualities you would like Dr. Fortner-Wood to highlight in her letters. This should be a list of activities in which she knows you have participated and/or qualities you know she has witnessed in working with you. You can highlight these on your vita/resume.


4. Let Dr. Fortner-Wood the results of your applications.

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