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To the Applicant: This form should be given to professors who are able to comment on your qualifications for graduate study in psychology. You should not request a recommendation from a non-academic person unless you have been away from an academic institution for some time. For the convenience of the person completing this form, you should include a stamped envelope addressed to each graduate program to which you are applying.

Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students are entitled to review their records, including letters of recommendation. However, those writing recommendations and those assessing recommendations may attach more significance to them if it is known that the recommendations will remain confidential. It is your option to waive your right to access to these recommendations or to decline to do so. Please mark the appropriate phrase below, indicating your choice of option, and sign your name.

[ ] I waive my right to review this recommendation.
[ ] I do not waive my right to review this recommendation.

Degree sought (check one): Master’s [ ] Doctorate [ ]

1. I have known the applicant for _____ years, _____ months.
2. I know the applicant: slightly [ ] fairly well [ ] very well [ ]
3. I have known the applicant:
   [ ] As an undergraduate student [ ] As a teaching assistant
   [ ] As a graduate student [ ] As an advisee   [ ] Other _____________________
4. The applicant has taken: none of my classes [ ] one of my classes [ ] two or more of my classes
5. Indicate the population with which the applicant is being compared in this rating:
   [ ] undergraduate students whom I have taught or known.
   [ ] graduate students whom I have taught or known.
   [ ] all students, graduate and undergraduate, whom I have taught or known.
   [ ] colleagues whom I have worked with.

[ ] Generates creative ideas in class discussions.
[ ] Has devised a surgical technique, designed laboratory equipment, or developed an unusual research strategy.
[ ] Has completed an innovative research project.
[ ] Has won a prize for creative writing or worked on the school or local newspaper as a writer.
[ ] Has created an original work of art or music.
[ ] Recasts old problems in original ways.

Social Skills
[ ] Organized a science fair or similar special event.
[ ] Seems to be good at helping people who are upset or troubled.
[ ] Is sought by students or faculty for advice.
[ ] Makes and keeps friends easily.
[ ] Participates in voluntary community or social service activities.
[ ] Was employed as a case aide, psychiatric technician, or student assistant in a telephone hotline center, crisis counseling center, or mental health center.

Leadership and Persuasive Skills
[ ] Is convincing in discussions or debates.
[ ] Leads group discussions easily.
[ ] Was active in the Department of Psychology & Social Work.
[ ] Was elected an officer of an organization or to a political office.
[ ] Volunteers to give oral reports.
[ ] Was active in PSI CHI.

Orderliness and Clerical Skills
[ ] Always completes class assignments or papers on time.
[ ] Schedules own work and follows through with the schedule.
[ ] Has worked as a department secretary or reader.
[ ] Submits work that has been carefully proofread and checked for spelling or computations errors.
[ ] Submits neatly prepared written reports.

[ ] Tries to solve problems independently before seeking advice.
[ ] Performed research with a faculty member that was not for course credit.
[ ] Completed an independent project with little faculty direction.
[ ] Requires little direction from faculty.

Commitment to Psychology
[ ] Attended a regional psychology convention as an undergraduate.
[ ] Attends psychology department colloquiums.
[ ] Seeks out psychological literature beyond course work requirements.
[ ] Is interested in a career of applying psychology.
[ ] Is interested in a career of research in psychology.
[ ] Is interested in a career of teaching psychology.

7. Global Ratings: Compared to the population indicated in Item 5, rate this applicant on each characteristic.

  Lower 50% Upper 50% Upper 25% Upper 10% Upper 5% N/A
Academic Ability            
General Knowledge            
Scientific Skepticism            
Oral Expression Skills            
Written Expression            
Social Awareness            
Emotional Maturity            
Desire to Achieve            
Ability to Work with Others            
Leadership Skills            
Persuasive Ability            
Professional Commitment            
Research Skills            
Teaching Skills            
Potential for Success            
Carefulness in Work            

8. Is the applicant's academic potential greater or less than that indicated by her/his grades? Insert an X where appropriate on the scale below.

   much              somewhat         equal             somewhat       much            no basis
    less                less                                       greater           greater          for judgment

9. If the applicant has had teaching experience, how would you rate her/his potential for college teaching?
                poor [ ] fair [ ] good [ ] excellent [ ] cannot determine [ ]

10. If the applicant has had research experience, how would you rate her/his research potential?
                poor [ ] fair [ ] good [ ] excellent [ ] cannot determine [ ]

11. How would you rate the applicant's potential for work in applied research settings?
                poor [ ] fair [ ] good [ ] excellent [ ] cannot determine [ ]

12. How would you rate the applicant's potential for clinical or counseling work?
                poor [ ] fair [ ] good [ ] excellent [ ] cannot determine [ ]

13. Indicate the strength of your overall endorsement of the applicant.
                [ ] Not recommended
                [ ] Recommended with some reservations
                [ ] Recommended
                [ ] Highly recommended

14. The space below is supplied for any additional information you may wish to provide, such as explanations of any of the critical incidents checked. The most important information you can provide about this applicant is information that is not reflected in the applicant's transcript and test scores (i.e., work done outside of class and other characteristics you believe are related to success in graduate school). Attach additional pages, if necessary.


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