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Sample Personal Statement for Textile Designing

I am frequently obsessed with the idea that if my efforts could contribute to the beauty of this colorful world, no matter how minimal this contribution might be, my life would in return become enriched and beautified. As I grow up, I have increasingly found out that this notion indeed constitutes my lifelong commitment. To my pleasant surprise, I have also come to discover that textile designing, the specialty that I specialize in, is of great importance in beautifying this wonderful world. This realization has kept me in constant excitement, for the profession that I am enamored of is the profession that can fulfill my aspirations for life.

Having a penchant for painting as early as my childhood, I have devoted considerable amount of time and energy to it. This impulse toward artistic creativity nurtured deep inside me a kind of determination, that my prospective career must be connected to art. In 1999, when I succeeded in passing the fiercely competitive nationwide University Entrance Examination, I chose to specialize in Textile Design at China Northeast University without any hesitation. As I delved deeper into my studies, my interest in this specialty increased correspondingly and I was fascinated by almost every course related to this specialty, such as The Design of Interior Decorative Textiles, Decorative Painting, etc. Those specialty-related courses made possible an organic combination of my specialty and my artistic inclination, a fact which further inspired me to become proficient in my specialty. Meanwhile, it has dawned on me that textile design is indeed a rich and challenging subject in which, with the digitalized, automated and electronic designing, we are faced with may cutting-edge technologies that are increasingly difficult to master because of their unprecedented sophistication.

At present, China's textile industry and its textile design are heading toward increasing specialization and marketization. Textile consulting business is developing rapidly and the means of designing are being modernized while people's awareness of intellectual property rights is being heightened. An increasing number of China's conventional textile enterprises have take active steps in opening up international markets by developing internationally fashionable linen and silk products (products whose raw materials are in abundant supply) and the so-called "functional products". Hence, the specialty I am engaged in is of a promising future. Yet, compared with advanced countries in the world, China still suffers from imbalance in its overall development. China especially lags behind its Western counterparts in textile design. My constant reflection on the existing conditions of China's textile industry has lead me to believe that studying advanced theories and technologies of textile design abroad is a must for me. The University of ------ is one of the largest and most successful universities in Australia with a time-honored history. Its academic status in technical and professional education is world-famous. Based on those recognitions, I formally apply for admission into your well-established graduate program that I believe will enable me to be acquainted with the most updated concepts and techniques of textile design in the world. My experience at your esteemed university is bound to widen my ken of knowledge, enrich my life, and infuse into me inspiring concepts of modern designing and products development.

For the degree program that I apply for, I believe that I am both theoretically and empirically qualified. In the course of my two-year studies at the university, I have developed a good command of the fundamental knowledge of textile design. Meanwhile, I like to meet new challenges and aim at new heights. I am soberly aware that while studying abroad I will incur many difficulties. I will have to learn many difficult courses on one hand and face intense competitions from my future classmates on the other. The pressure would be huge. But I am unusually optimistic because my inherent qualities would help me to prevail. I further believe that the experience of undergoing immense difficulties would bring me lifelong benefits in that it will reinforce my strong-willed character.

In my prospective program, I will focus on the application of new textile technologies. I am especially interested in making worthy attempts at combining the diversity of modern designing, particularly the designing of new types of fabric products, with China's traditional textile culture. In this way, the products that I design will bear considerable originality, the most precious quality of works of art. As a designer of the future generation, I will create a standard in my own right. I am sure that with the quality education that I will receive from your prestigious university, this aspiration will not remain a mere dream


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