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Sample Personal Statement for Software Engineering

Making an option for an undergraduate specialty is just like making an option for the course of life. It is the greatest joy in life to indulge in the study of the specialty that best suits one's taste. The specialty of Economic Information Management specialty is an interdisciplinary faculty that combines the knowledge of computer science, economics and management. It covers three major areas that gallop at the fastest speed and throb synchronically with the pulses of the present-day society. As an interdisciplinary subject, it endeavors to investigate the efficacy of computer application in both economy and management. This perfectly fitted in with my innate quickness of thought and my close concern for reality. For several years in the past, I have experienced many setbacks and frustrations in the process of studying this subject, but I have also experienced the joy, the illumination and the stimulation that it brought me with its rapid development and practical values. Anyway, I will continue to be fascinated by this subject with its endless secrets.

Years of study and research, as well as practical work, have enabled me to develop a superb command of computer technology and its application in management. To me, the subjects on data structure, computer network, target-oriented methods and C++, information systems analysis and designing, trade information and EDI, information economics, industrial enterprise information management, and commercial enterprise information management are the most beautiful flowers in this infinitely beautiful garden of knowledge. They exposed to me a brand-new academic sphere featuring interdependence and common advancement, leaving me completely enamored with the enormous practical value of the computer technology. At present, I have become well versed in many professional skills, including Java Delphi, C / C ++, VB, HTMI and JavaScript. In terms of operational system and databanks, I am very skilled in Windows NT, UNIX, MSSQL Server, Sybase and DB2. Due to the nature of the specialty, I must closely follow the latest academic developments, especially in the latest progress of computer technology. I often take an active part in academic meetings and technical training. For example, I was involved in a number of academic events sponsored by CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum, which covered the development of Linux technology in China, network safety and multimedia technologies. Recently, I have conducted a comparative study of several popularly-employed servers and my research findings will soon be published in the China Computer Technology Journal. In addition to this research, my graduation thesis is another fruition of my devoted academic endeavors. It deals with IC card technology and its application. It aims to resolve the safety and the encryption technology of IC card as well as the concrete design of IC card machine room controls. In this project, we studied the working principles of IC card that can be read repetitively as well as an IC card reader capable of repeated reading to realize the functions of online fee calculation through IC card reading technologies. The research findings were subsequently employed in the management of our university's own computer center. The judges of my thesis unanimously rated the thesis as thoroughgoing and exhaustive, replete with original concepts, and with very rich values both in theory and in practice.

My interest and industry were well rewarded with outstanding scholastic results. My fellow students were all very brilliant and I was far behind them when I first entered the university. But my dauntless character drove me upward. I later caught up with them and ranked fourth in a class of 46 students. My GPA was 3.4 in the four years of study and was 3.5 in the latter two, showing an upward progress. I scored for four times the highest-grade scholarships and was rated as an outstanding graduate, something very rare in a class. My thesis was also graded "outstanding."

At the stage of undergraduate studies, I was engaged in specific software development related to my specialty. I realized some financial modules with Visual Foxpro in the E-commerce modular education software. Upon graduation from university, I worked at the Product R&D Department of a very famous computer company mainly involved in the research and development of net banks and online payment. The projects in which I participated at this company include: the R&D of online banking projects of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China, and the R&D of intermediate payment products bys Globalset, QSI and Trintech. In the ISO9000 software quality confirmation work, I was responsible for managing and researching the software quality system standards. In the annual China International Financial Exhibition, I was responsible for organizing and planning. During this period of my work, I have become acquainted with many leading techniques, including the demand analysis, systems designing, software designing and project management for ISO90000 standardized techniques related to the Java Enterprise grade and to Network Safety. My performance has received highly positive comments from my superior.

Nevertheless, in the actual working experience, I have become increasingly aware of the weaknesses of the relevant computer technology in China. In the field of E-commerce, China's footsteps of development have been withheld mainly because China has neither E-commerce solutions suitable for its particular conditions nor advanced software and network technologies. There is a big gap between China and advanced western countries in software quality because China has not paid adequate attention to this issue. China has not yet developed relevant intellectual technology or established a complete set of reliable mechanisms with regard to the implementation of software designing, testing and maintenance. I have developed an adequate command of the relevant skills in those aspects and I have always maintained an intense interest in them. I hope that by seeking advanced studies abroad, I will succeed in finding a suitable E-commerce solution for China's emerging industry in this field. On the other hand, I will be equipped to make contributions to the development of China's software sector, especially to help improve its software quality.

A careful investigation has informed me that your university is a leading university featuring an educational system and research atmosphere far more advanced than those in China and boasting a number of accomplished professors whose academic attainments are also far beyond the reach of their Chinese counterparts. It is my belief that I will acquire the most advanced knowledge in the field of E-commerce and software quality, the kind of knowledge that I exploit to promote the development of China's own expertise. I am soberly aware that no one can accomplish tremendous achievements in all fields, but as long as I orientate myself to one field for which I have accumulated considerable expertise and constructed a solid groundwork, I am sure that I will attain a fulfilling career out of it.


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