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It has always been my desire that I can live a life replete with challenges because only challenges can make my life interesting and meaningful. It always delights me to surmount challenges, the challenges embodied in winning my first prize (with full mark) at the ShangDong Provincial Mathematics Contest as a middle school student, and in entering Beijing Institute of Technology (one of the best polytechnic institutes in China) as the top 4th student in my city at the fiercely competitive nationwide university entrance examination. In the initial stage of my undergraduate studies, I defeated most of my competitors to enter the elitist experimental class of my university. I can unmistakably perceive the powerful stimulations produced by the challenges I have experienced. Consequently, the moment I was exposed to the computer, the magic machine that has triggered such an unprecedented and unparalleled technological revolution worldwide, I became unequivocally clear that only by dedicating myself to the highly challenging field of studying the seemingly omnipotent computer technology will my life be endowed with real joy and value.

My option for computer software and application as my area of specialization is motivated by two factors. The first is my belief that I possess the ability and the full potential to meet the enormous challenges in plunging into a totally new environment. The second is that the sophisticated knowledge of computer software and its application can greatly satiate my thirst for new information and enrich the meaning of my life. As a representative of Students of Excellence from the Department of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, I attended the large-scale International Symposium on The Computing in 21st Century---Embracing Intelligent Computation sponsored by Microsoft China Research Institute. Listening to the exciting lectures delivered by leading computer specialists Prof. Tony Hoare and Prof. John Hopuoft, winners of Torin Award, concerning the findings and prospects of intelligent computer research, I became all the more adamant in my determination to develop myself into a professional in this area.

Choosing the University of Maryland, Baltimore County as an important step for fulfilling this important objective of mine is based on a number of considerations. One is your university's leading position in the research and application of computer software, together with its active and rigorous academic environment. Another is that your university offers a variety of highly valuable projects that attract me to undertake in-depth research. I plan to study computer network communication, algorithm design and analysis, database and other related courses which I hope will ultimately lead me to a Ph.D. program that can turn me into a specialist capable of more advanced research.

I have made distinguished performances in two aspects: outstanding scholastic aptitudes and superb hands-on abilities. After entering Beijing Institute of Technology - one of the top 10 national key polytechnic universities in China, I passed the extremely strict screening test among 2600 candidates to study in an experimental class. The 2-year rigorous training in this class helped me establish a sound foundation for conducting powerful mathematical analysis and develop solid English proficiency, ranking first in GPA in the entire class. I achieved scores of over 90 points for all the computer-related central courses since I began my studies in computer software and application specialty at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, my GPA ranking among 2%. I was qualified to embark on direct Master's program leading to Ph.D. program. I participated in two major research projects, the Realization of Central Module in Mobile Packet Radio Network (MPRN) headed by my supervisor Prof. Song Hantao and A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Solving the Shortest Circuit of China Traveling Salesman Problem headed by China's renowned algorithm specialist Prof. Zhou Peide. Both of these projects are key national projects during China's 9th Five-Year Period.

When I just entered the university, I viewed all the other freshmen in 9 colleges of my university as my potential rivals in our academic competition. I feel proud of myself for having emerged triumphant in this competition, for I have surmounted all the difficulties with confidence, industry, and an active attitude. Nevertheless, I am clearly aware that the past achievements are merely bygone testimonies, never a basis for self-congratulation. The real challenges lie in the future. For instance, the research on the traveling salesman problem, in which I participated, is a really challenging subject in the field of algorithm research in the world but it is also an interesting field in which to achieve possible breakthroughs. I am eager to undertake a degree program at the University of Maryland where I will benefit tremendously from the fruitful instructions by professors with erudite knowledge in algorithm.

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