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For Program: MA in English
I hope to go to Graduate School at Kankakee because I believe it represents the next important challenge in my life. The last two years have taught me that learning about literature can be more than an avocation. Returning to school has brought about a transformation in my life, and as I make discoveries about literature, I learn about myself. I want to keep making discoveries.

Since 1977 I have worked to develop a technical career. I enjoy this work, but it cannot compare to the fulfillment of reading and studying literature. Experiencing literature, and working with people who know and care about it, are what I want to do. Committing any more of my energy to a career other than this would be like writing with my left hand.

I want to go to Graduate School so that I can learn to know literature well. I want to explore the shape and the meaning of the novel and its literary antecedents. I want to understand what the novel has meant in different literary periods, and what is likely to become. I want to explore its different forms, realism, naturalism, and other modes, and the Victorian and Modernist consciousness as they are revealed.

I am drawn to the works of Hardy, Conrad, Faulkner, and Morrison, the poetry of Herbert, Dickinson, and Hopkins, and the tragedies of the Greeks and Shakespeare. I want to speak and write about the power of literature, and the experience it is for me and for others. I want to learn to read, to write, and to think critically, and to use these skills as a professional. Most of all, I want to teach, and to guide others in their explorations of the world through literature, to encourage them to see in it all that I see in it: the whole of human experience, beautifully and fully and truthfully contained in words.


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