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Why did You Choose Yale (500 English words)

University attracts me greatly with its long-standing culture, which is completely proved by the long history of Yale University.

In China, Yale University enjoys a high reputation in people's mind for a long time. Especially for my well-educated parents, they respect and admire it greatly because for them Yale represents reconditeness, solemnity, elegance and creativity. In Yale University, the first-rate scholars, excellent students, sincere academic attitude and great achievements in scientific research constitute the rich culture that is insurmountable for all other universities. Bringing up under such influence, I gradually realize Yale's incomparable position inside of me.

Yale University is known for its emphasis on the spirit of communication and cooperation. When I received the bulletin from Yale University, I was greatly impressed by the pictures and the phrases that stressed highly on communication, interaction and intimacy in study. Therefore, I chose Yale University as my first and foremost choice without any hesitation.

As far as I know, there exist violent competitions among the world-known universities in USA. Different from them, Yale University pays more attention to cooperation. Though competition is vital, cooperation is necessary. However, in China, the malignant competitions are brought out for lack of cooperation within companies, within which numerous companies suffer from internecine damages. I believe I will definitely benefit from the cooperative spirit in Yale University that collect students from various culture backgrounds and learn well enough to fulfill my wish of contribution to the development of my country.

I dream to be a person capable of professional management, in which communication is compulsory because management is actually achieved by the communication between the superior and the inferior in a company. The success of management depends on whether the communication works or not.

I am good at communication and cooperation judging from my personalities. Serving as an organizer of the activities both in class and in school, I involve extensively various social activities. From these activities, I not only learn the importance of communication and cooperation but also practice my communicative abilities and foster the spirit of teamwork.

Yale University seems to be a palace for me full of elites from all over the world. The three languages I have well mastered will definitely help me live harmoniously a communal life there. If I am accepted luckily, instead of confining myself within the classroom, I will get in touch with society extensively. Being a member of community in the university, I will actively take part in all activities to enrich my extracurricular life.

Yale University is no doubt the top university in the world, however I am confident that I will become one of the best students with my ever-excellent performance in study and high learning ability as well.

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