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The "Creative" Question

We recognize that all good writers seek feedback, advice, or editing before sending off their essay. Tell us whose advice you sought for help, the advice he /she provided.

During preparation of documents for my application, I attached importance to the advice of my schoolmates and their parents who had similar experience. Before setting about doing any writing, I had a long discussion of three hours with chairman of the student union of my school about the sketch of my plan. He suggested me to highlight the following three aspects: (1) Demonstrating my interest and understanding of economics through the actual experience of on-line commerce activities; (2) Emphasis on the charm of my endowment of oriental and western cultures mixed together; and (3) Exposing my exceptional character to meet head-on with challenges. He also suggested me to talk about the economics theories I learnt by myself in my Transfer Statement and their applications in realistic economic behaviors, thus exposing my understanding of economics and competency for future studies. Aspired by his suggestions, I successfully finished writing my application documents. I brought what I had written to him and we had more discussions. Then I revised the document until both of us were satisfied with them.

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