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Sample Personal Statement for Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Philosophy tells us that there is always a rationale underlying each apparently complicated issue and that man抯 all intellectual endeavors are precisely designed to make intelligible those seemingly chaotic and unintelligible issues. To achieve effective interpretations of sophisticated issues we must exercise our logic to stay away from deceptive evidence and to reach correct conclusions. Therefore, we must receive rigorous training in philosophy. But in this increasingly integrated modern world, hardly any issue can be treated in isolation. A broad range of perspectives on the economic, political, historical, cultural and even religious levels is perhaps required to facilitate our understanding of a single issue. Thus we need to receive trainings in many related fields. That is why an interdisciplinary program like PPE is appropriate and important for a student in his/her undergraduate career. The comprehensive knowledge from the PPE program will enable a student to understand the rapidly changing world analytically, critically, and insightfully.

For a young student, nothing is more important than the spirit of inquiry. Nicknamed Baby Curious, I grew up nagging my parents to explain whatever seemed unfamiliar and strange. Trivial and na飗e as some of my questions were, they helped to keep alive my curiosity. Even though my parents (my inborn teachers) and my teachers in elementary and middle schools have kept explaining the world to me, one thing I found perplexing梩he more I knew about this world, the more ignorant I seemed to have become.

This paradox of knowledge made me reflect. My conclusion was that it is not that the more we know, the less knowledgeable we become. What is true is that as we know more, we are led to many other realms in the entire system of human knowledge. Another factor is that as we know more, we are required to face many new problems that are being created, because human society is changing and developing fast. Faced with this necessity to know more, we should persist instead of giving up in despair.

This realization resulted in my pursuit of knowledge in countries other than China. Having received a sound elementary and junior middle school education, with distinguished performance scholastically, especially in mathematics and history, I arrived in XX, the country with the most proud educational tradition in the world, at the age of 15. After a six-month language program, I entered the renowned XX School. By making extra efforts to catch up with and even surpass my classmates in my GCSE study, I achieved a scholastic performance well above average and I was an active member of the piano class, the school choir, and the tennis class. History continued to be my favorite subject. The best part of my XX experience is the development of a pluralist cultural awareness and a western way of thinking, which, through a fusion with my Eastern way of thinking, has allowed me to look at things in a balanced and comprehensive manner.

Unfortunately, I had to stop my GCSE study after one year and return to China because of the poor state of health of my father. Luckily, my western-styled education was continued as I enrolled in XX Private Senior Middle School where the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is offered. Apart from History, I found TOK (Theory of Knowledge, a course that challenges students to question the bases of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological biases, and to develop the ability to analyse evidence that is expressed in rational argument) fascinating, and I continue to excel in mathematics.

Now, with educational and cultural experiences across both China and the XX, I am bent on a PPE program at XX to receive perhaps the best education in liberal arts in the world, an education that will deepen my academic buildup, and give me a more sophisticated understanding of the world. By the time I complete the PPE program, I plan to proceed onto a Master抯 program in International Relationship.

In extracurricular activities, I would like to contribute my leadership. A winner of painting and singing, and IB Speech competitions, and national middle school English contest, honored as Outstanding Student and Student Leader, I have been the chairman of the Student Union, responsible for organizing XX School Fashion Show. I have been a student assistant to the school Principal, coordinating the communication between the students and the Principal. The 揋olden Travel?program, sponsored by XX to protect cultural and historical heritages in China and Europe, took me to several major European countries and to visit XX 抯 headquarters in Paris. In a word, my commitment to public welfare will make me an activist on your campus.

揘o man is an island and no man stands alone.?In this age of interactivity, young students bear important social responsibilities and historical missions. What role should I play? To become tomorrow抯 leader, that is my answer.


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