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Sample Personal Statement for Molecular Biology

I remember that somebody once said: God has bestowed each of us a skeleton and a limited life. It is up to us all to do our best within this limited life span and to emit as much heat and light as possible so as to illuminate the whole world while providing warmth to ourselves before the candle of life dies out. The saying brings me home that life is limited, but love and relentless efforts can be a torch that kindles it and makes it most valuable. For me, this torch is nothing other than biology. I remember that when I was a little child, I would often go to a nearby pond in the afternoon to observe the little fish, shrimps, snails and the waterweeds in it. Their tranquil and free life would always arouse my great admiration. In the evening, by the roadside lamps, I would try to catch some crickets to be kept in a pot to enjoy their beautiful music. When I started to go to school, my teacher of the Nature course gave me some graines. I took great care of them and watched them develop from larvae to adult insects until finally they produced their own graines. I would go to the field to pick folium mori to feed them. This can serve as a good indication of a child's love of life. Being mischievous, I dug out the flower trees my father planted in pots to observe their root system and sometimes poured hot water into the pots. On other occasions, I would open up the belly of the fish that my mother was preparing for food to observe their viscera. This also reflects the strong desire of a teenager to probe into the mysteries of life. It was with those inborn impulses that I have chosen life science as the objective of my career.

After my college matriculation examination, I applied for biochemistry and molecular biology and was admitted into Nankai University. During the four-year studies in the famous university in China, I worked hard at all the subjects and was granted scholarships for four years. I did not feel contented with what I had achieved because I gradually realized that, in order to be a real scientist, it was far from enough to master the conventional knowledge. The most important thing was to discover new knowledge and the latest information. In this account I made extensive extracurricular readings and reflections to sponge up all range of knowledge so as to upgrade my comprehensive capacity and placed importance on fostering creativity of new ideas, a broader professional vision and an insight into the frontier areas. In addition, as member of our university's Biology Association, I often participated in activities publicizing scientific knowledge, allowing the general public to know about the science of life and to understand the secrets of life so that they can treasure the life of ourselves and of our fellow creatures.

With relentless efforts,In September 1999 I entered Peking University as a graduate student.(only four out of a total of 150 students were qualified) In this most famous university in China, I became even more absorbed in the biological world. During this period, I presided over a pest-resistant corn study project and took part in many academic conferences and reports. Such an experience not only upgraded my lab experiment capacity, but also opened up my vision, familiarizing me with the frontier dynamics of the faculty. But as I delved deeper into my scientific research, a disaster that happened to our family deprived me of the financial support from my family, forcing me to quit my studies at Peking University. After much careful consideration, I abandoned the Ph.D. degree program at Peking University. Nevertheless, on account of my outstanding performance at Peking University, I was recommended by my advisor to work at National Lab of Molecular Oncology, Cancer Institute, China Academy of Medical Science & Peking Union Medical College headed by Prof. Min Wu, an academician. At this most prestigious lab in China and under the guidance of the country's most accomplished specialist in cell molecular biology, I learned not only how to conduct experiments but also how to undertake scientific research, laying a solid foundation for my future study.

All these studies have helped upgrade my theoretical and experimental capacity. Meanwhile, with the deepening of my research work, I have realized that the complete conquest of cancer necessitates a breakthrough in modern biological theory, especially in molecular, cellular and developmental biology. We must first understand the laws governing the various intracellular activities, such as genetics and gene expression and DNA duplication and mutation before we can find out the real cause of cancer and its therapy.

Thanks to such an experience, I became aware that I should continue with my basic theoretical studies and improve my lab experimental expertise. From this, I struck upon the idea to pursue an advanced degree program. After much investigation, I have come to the conclusion that XXX University is my ideal choice for undertaking this program. The long history, beautiful campus, and stimulating academic atmosphere are what fascinate me most. I carefully looked at the research orientations of various professors and found that some of those orientations are in perfect accordance with my interests. I have become all the more interested after reading some abstracts of their research papers. More importantly, my theoretical knowledge and experimental skills can qualify me for the completion of those professors' projects. X x x University enjoys worldwide reputation for its scientific research level in modern biology. Its unique educational system, strong academic atmosphere and leading lab facilities in particular have long deeply attracted me. I am especially eager to probe into the expression and regulation of genes, the duplication and repair of DNA and the laws governing the transmission of cellular signals and achieve significant academic attainments in these areas.

Upon completing my Ph.D. program, I plan to return to China to work at a prestigious university like Peking University or Tsinghua University as a professor engaged in research and teaching. I know the importance of education and as a scientist, however academically and professionally accomplished, his contributions are limited because his lifespan is limited. The development of science requires the efforts of generations of scientists. However, the academic levels of Chinese professors are low compared to their American counterparts, resulting in low academic level and lack of creativity of the undergraduate and graduate students. The students under China's system of graduate education do not become scientists, but merely conductors of experiments. That is why I abandoned the Ph. D program at Peking University. In order to change this situation, I will impart to my students all that I have acquired so that they can be informed of the latest academic development without having to go abroad.


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