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Sample Personal Statement for Geology

Despite the fact that I come from one of China’s most impoverished regions—Northwest China—where disadvantageous economic and educational conditions deprived me of a decent education that most of my peers were entitled to, the majestic KunLun Mountain and the Great Takelamagan Desert the surrounded the environment I grew up cultivated in me an obsession with nature. With the lapse of time, this obsession developed into an impulse to probe into the secrets of nature, an impulse which prompted me to choose geology as my specialty when entering college. Meanwhile, the determination to make relentless efforts shaped deep inside my heart by the harsh environment has enabled me to make professional achievements that far excel those of my peers.

I completed my undergraduate program at xxxxx. By the time I graduated, I was the top student in my class, my GPA reaching 3.84. No one could imagine that at the time I just entered the Institute, my situation was the opposite—a student with the poorest academic record. The fact that I managed to achieve such a “leap” could only be attributed to my love for what I was learning and my unusual perseverance. In this regard, I am fully in favor of Einstein’s emphasis on diligence and the axiom that “No Pains, No Gains.” Although I had an inborn fascination with nature, my real understanding o f geology started with the systematic education I received in this specialty at the Institute. The science of geology encompasses a multiplicity of subjects that pose important challenges in comprehensive qualities, analytical skills and holistic thinking on the part of the prospective geologists. This nature of geology accorded perfectly with my temperament of meeting challenges. Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology, Geochemistry, Basin Analysis, Field Geology, Tectonics, Organic Geochemistry and Stratigraphy were among the most important courses that enabled me to lay a solid professional foundation. I especially liked the arduous field trips because they allowed me to taste the joy of overcoming challenges. My thesis, entitled The Characteristic of xxxxx, was a detailed analysis of the basic geological conditions for the oil and gas concentration of the xxxx Field based on a geological study of existing oil fields. It was rated “Class A”.

Following my undergraduate program, I embarked on a Master’s program at the xxxxx, a leading institution of its kind in China. Among 120 students who took the entrance examination, my score was top 5. In my undergraduate program, I focused on the development of foundational knowledge. But as I started the Master’s program, I decided that I was to concentrate on the improvement of my research abilities and creativity by participating in as many research projects as possible in which I could put my theoretical knowledge into practice. I was lucky to be able to work together with some senior specialists from whom I learned the standard procedures of geological research. Among many research projects I have participated in during my graduate studies, thexxxxxxof China can be cited as the most important one. It is a key research project in the country’s 10th Five-Year Plan headed by Prof. Lixx, China’s Father of Natural Gas and academician of China Academy of Sciences. In this project, I traveled into strange wilderness to do field reconnaissance, gathering a large amount of precious first-hand information and collecting important samples. Under the directions of the renowned petroleum geologist Prof. Lixxxx, my thesis is to be based on the findings from this project. Writing this thesis will help perfect my basic knowledge in geology and research skills.

Other research projects I participated in include: The Reservoir Evaluation of Tertiary, Cretaceous in Kuqe Depression and the Evaluation ofxxxxxx, Analysis of Reservoir in thexxxxx (in which I was responsible for reservoir description and analysis), the Characteristics of xxxxxx (in which I was responsible for studying the basic geological conditions in the xxxRegion and how those conditions match the formation of natural gas and oil fields in the region), the Analysis of the Calibration Region ofxxxxxx (in which I was partially responsible for basin analysis and simulation), and the foundation and verification of the country’s xxx project xxxxx in China. In addition, I attended a number of academic conferences—National Organic Geochemistry Conference (xxxxx), the xxxth xxxx Science Meeting (xxxxx), etc. I also had the chances to listen to the lectures delivered by Prof. B. xxx, chairman of European Organic Geochemistry Association and by Prof. J. xxxx, distinguished geologist from xxxx University. I feel proud for what I have done and learned because I have derived crucial research experiences from those activities and widened my professional horizon.

My decision to apply for an advanced degree program in the United States comes from serious considerations. Home of petroleum industry, the United States plays a leading role in geological research and petroleum prospection. While the United States has started the commercial utilization of geological energy sources other than petroleum, such as coalbed methane, China has not even take any major steps in this aspect. At one conference, I was shocked and ashamed to learn that some Chinese geologists were still involved in the researches which had already been undertaken by their overseas counterparts 20 years ago. Recognizing China’s weaknesses in geological research, I wish to apply for a Ph.D. program in Geological Science, with specific emphasis on Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, Basin Analysis and Tectonics. For the immediate future, China is incapable of large-scale commercial exploitation of nuclear energy and solar energy. Instead, it will continue to rely on various forms of geological energies as major sources of energy. How to make effective use of those geological energies will be a rather challenging issue for the Chinese government as well as Chinese geologists.

xxxx University comes on top of my priorities for doing my Ph. D. program. As a top-level research institution in geology,xxxx ranks 2nd in the geological category within the United States. A galaxy of accomplished scholars and researchers are engaged in studies of geological theories and theories of petroleum geology. My most direct motivation originates from the fact that xxxx University has been carrying out a Sino-American industrial cooperative program in which Xxxx has collaborated with XXXX in a number of projects. Through my teachers at xxx, I have gained a relatively comprehensive understanding of Xxxx University and have long yearned to be part of this prestigious institution.

In a profile survey, I climbed onto the top of a 70-degree slope. I pouring snow, I ascended an ice-capped mountain 4500 meters above the sea level. Under the 45 0C temperature, I collected rock samples from a desolate hill haunted by wild beasts. None of those risks daunted me because I told myself that a truly well-trained geologist must be ready for challenges and sacrifices. Those lived experiences have also enabled me to understand one essential truth—a man who is ready to sacrifice even his life in order to pursue the cause he considers to be worthwhile will remain undaunted in the face of any difficulties.


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