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I hold the French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in great admiration. Whenever I read about his devotion to writing and his perseverance toward it, I feel tremendously excited and constantly remind myself that every choice of mine should be made with conviction and that, once a choice is made, I must adhere to it unswervingly and strive to realize it with all my might. Obviously, Sartre will serve as my lifelong example on my journey of life. I did not specialize in advertising during my undergraduate studies, and what I did specialize in is largely unrelated to advertising. Nevertheless, these two factors can by no means prevent me from devoting myself to the field of advertising that I deeply love. I will make relentless and dedicated efforts to this chosen objective until the end of my life.

In writing this Personal Statement, I have come to find that the entire process is actually a process of retrospection and summarizing and conducting deep reflections on the course of my life over the past ten years. In the high school, I accidentally came upon a book translated from English that talked about mass media. It was The Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy that triggered my vague interest in advertising. In retrospect, it was precisely this vague notion that developed into a strong desire, an unshakable ideal that I am determined to pursue with lifelong dedication. But when I succeeded in my National University Entrance Examination, due to some external reasons, I failed to specialize in advertising as my undergraduate program. This was the first opportunity that I missed. After graduating from my university, I was recruited by a future broker company. Even though my distinguished professional performance brought me honors, status, and generous salaries and perquisites, my dream to be involved in advertising profession again failed to be realized. But deep inside my heart, I had always cherished the unquenchable wish to demonstrate my talents in the advertising industry, to taste the real joy of doing what I liked. Five years ago, this wish made me decide to relinquish all that I had achieved at that broker company and start my advertising career from the very beginning.

My advertising career started five years ago at ShangHai Fine Art Academy's Art and Advertising Company. There, I worked from the most basic steps. Initially, as the only female at the company's Department of Market Service, I assumed the same heavy workload as my male counterparts. My activities in market development and identifying potential clients enabled me to gain an increasingly deep understanding of the actual operations of advertising business. I also developed a clearer picture of China's larger advertising environment, the dynamics of China's advertising industry, and the relevant legal regulations and systems. The profit of China's advertising business rapidly increases by an average rate of 39.73% annually. According to a survey conducted by ACNielsen in 2000, the annual advertising expenditure on the Mainland China reached 861 billion RMB Yuan, ranking first among the 12 Asian-Pacific advertising markets that were surveyed. China's official statistics show that in 2000 China's income of advertising business accounted for 0.8% in China's GNP, the advertising income being 56 Yuan per capita. Nevertheless, the entire annual advertising input in the whole country of China is less than the total business value (10 billion US dollars) of a large-size advertising company in the United States. From an international perspective, this means that there is huge business potential to be developed for China's advertising industry. On the other hand, the percentage occupied by China's advertising industry in the country's overall economy is by no means proportional to the country's macro economic development. According to statistics, the current advertising input in China only account for 0.7% in its GDP whereas it is 3% in the United States. Those figures are sufficient to indicate that China's advertising industry is developing with gathering momentum and will enjoy a tremendous prospect for development. At the same time, China will join WTO within this year and in 2008 will host the Olympic Games. The combination of many factors, both domestic and international, have created great business opportunities for Chinese and international advertisers. At the same time, Chinese advertisers are faced with precious opportunities to cooperate with and learn from their foreign colleagues. The curtain of a really spectacular advertising campaign has just been raised. While feeling proud of my career development, I involved myself more deeply into my work in order to scale new heights.

By bringing into full play my qualities of intelligence, industry, and perseverance, plus my solid command of the many application skills of fine art software including Photoshop, Covedrawl, AutoCAD, and other computer-aided graphics design software, I was transferred to the central part of the Company, the Department of Advertisement Designing. On account of my distinguished performance, I was promoted to be the supervisor-in-chief of the Company's, responsible for the creation of original ideas in specific advertisements. During this period, I participated in designing virtually all the major advertising projects that our company succeeded in winning the bid. Under my leadership, our company's designing team fruitfully completed a number of challenging tasks, which include the CI Design of xxxxxx Future Broker Company, the publicity handbooks of the company and its web-station; the product packing of the xxxxx Oral Liquid; the Sample Design for xxxxxxMedical Company Ltd., the CI Design for the xxxxxxx Company Ltd. The clients were very satisfied with the advertisements we designed for them. As a consequence, I received positive comments and important awards from our company for my outstanding professional qualities and major accomplishments.

In the course of my work, I have also come to discover that, underlying the excessively rapid development of China's advertising industry, there is the problem of serious disorder in the advertising profession as a whole. For instance, the relationship between the client of advertising, the advertising media and the advertising company has not been properly worked out; there is a serious lack of social responsibility on the part of the advertising agents in their business operations; the self-discipline of the advertising professional is rather weak; the mechanism of social supervision is woefully incomplete; the legal regulations of advertising are not well-developed and their enforcement is difficult. Those problems all testify to the imperfections inherent in the governmental administration of the advertising sector.

With China's accession into WTO getting closer and closer, China's ever-expanding advertising market urgently demands that a large number of highly qualified professionals can work for its mature development. However, up until now, all the China's institutions of higher learning have provided not more than 10,000 undergraduates (graduate students being much fewer) for the advertising market on the Mainland China, which has 1.3 billion population. At present, there are only a very limited number of advertising professionals with international advertising background, who are familiar with the rich Oriental native culture, with China's national characteristics, and with China's existing advertising conditions on one hand, and possess advanced advertising knowledge of the West, able to effectively integrate the highly developed and original Western advertising ideas with Chinese context on the other hand. With this awareness, I hope that, by pursuing an in-depth study and research in the United States in the field of advertising, I can become the kind of person who can combine the strengths from Chinese and Western cultures and employ those strengths in the creation of perfect advertisements in the future.

No mountain is too high for you to climb; no river is too wide for you to make it crossed. In my future journey of life, I am bound to encounter endless difficulties and challenges. But, as long as I entertain a steadfast faith in my career objective and take Jean-Paul Sartre as my example for his professional dedication, my pursuit will be fruitful and meaningful in its own way.


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