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    Distance Learning

    Online Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management (MSEM)

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Institutional Membership(s): SOC PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Master of Science - Master's Enrollment: 999 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: Electronic Conferencing, E-mail, Online Assignment Submission, Threaded Discussion Board Subject: Industrial Engineering METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION

    The program is delivered primarily through compressed video

    Supplemental delivery formats include compressed video

    This course uses APEX

    The Master of Science Program in Engineering Management is directed toward individuals with technical backgrounds who are moving or anticipate a move into management positions. This program develops technical management skills by combining qualitative approaches and quantitative techniques in a balanced curriculum, which strengthens engineering credentials and develops managerial competence. The MSEM Program in the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering at the University of South Florida prepares today's engineers to become tomorrow's managers/leaders and entrepreneurs.

    Bearing in mind the changing needs of industry and technically-oriented individuals in a fast-paced world, students enrolling in the MSEM program may pursue their studies in different settings: on campus or via the internet through the APEX engineering distance learning system at USF.

    Once in the MSEM program, you can complete your degree even if you have a job transfer to a new location.

    Distance students may complete this degree through the APEX engineering distance learning system at USF.
    Distance students must have a computer with WMP 10 and a high speed internet connection.
    APEX at USF streams classes live over the internet and then archives the files online allowing for convenient, on-demand viewing. Students must be accepted into the University to participate in the APEX distance program. Distance students must obtain a USF ID to access all online communities and features of USF. A NetID, available to enrolled USF students allows students to access learning resources online, including the USF Library. For more information please call 1-866-974-1222 or e-mail help-ac@usf.edu. The Library can be reached at 813-974-2729, or by email. The Bookstore may be reached by calling (Toll-Free: 1-800-873-8114.) Books may be ordered online. The bookstore and library are able to accommodate online learners and provide detailed information on the web site.
    Financial aid opportunities can be discussed with your program advisor. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 813-974-4700 for exceptions and the names of private lenders.


    Engineering Management Core 12 credit hours
    Quantitative Core 3 credit hours
    Job Design Core 3 credit hours
    Approved Electives 15 credit hours
    Total 33 credit hours

    A comprehensive exam is required upon completion of coursework. The engineering management core addresses basic issues, methods, and techniques important to every manager. Students may minor (4 courses) in an engineering specialty with prior approval of the Director of the Program. The elective area offers an opportunity for advanced studies in one of the following:

    Management (advanced studies in the major field)
    Technical Specialty (advanced studies in traditional engineering fields)
    A comprehensive exam is required upon completion of coursework.
    Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
    Department Webpage: http://ie.eng.usf.edu
    Dr. William Miller (miller@eng.usf.edu) - Graduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-5584
    Dr. Paul McCright (mccright@eng.usf.edu) - Undergraduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-2709
    Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
    Department Webpage: http://ie.eng.usf.edu
    Dr. William Miller (miller@eng.usf.edu) - Graduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-5584
    Dr. Paul McCright (mccright@eng.usf.edu) - Undergraduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-2709
    Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
    Department Webpage: http://ie.eng.usf.edu
    Dr. William Miller (miller@eng.usf.edu) - Graduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-5584
    Dr. Paul McCright (mccright@eng.usf.edu) - Undergraduate Advisor
    Phone: 813-974-2709

    With the Program Director抯 approval, up to 12 credit hours (4 courses) of non-degree seeking coursework taken at USF may be accepted toward the MSEM degree. Such credits must be at least "B" quality.

    Students admitted to the MSEM program who took graduate courses at other institutions of higher learning may apply for transfer of up to six semester hours. A written application for credit transfer submitted to the Program Advisor during the first semester of MSEM studies must include formal course descriptions as published by the offering institution, class syllabi, and official transcripts with grades "B" or better.

    A baccalaureate degree in Engineering from an ABET accredited institution. Degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and other hard science fields may be accepted on an individual basis to meet this requirement. In such cases, additional course work in engineering may be required as part of the program.

    A minimum combined score of 1,000 for the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or a minimum grade point average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 for all undergraduate work taken during the last two years of the applicant's studies. The GRE score must be no older than five years at the time of application to the program. Taking the GRE is still required.

    At least two years of work experience in engineering or management is required to provide a basis for the graduate studies in Engineering Management. Engineering co-op or internship work experience may count if the work is engineering related. Otherwise, two semesters of internship may be required. A thesis option is also available.

    A letter of recommendation from your current supervisor or manager. If you are not currently employed, a recommendation from your previous employer will do.

    In exceptional cases where the applicant does not meet one of the above entrance requirements, a student may enter the program as a special student. Taking courses as a non-degree seeking student will not guarantee admission into the program. No more than 12 credit hours will be transferred from non-degree seeking status into the degree-seeking program. Providing that the other entrance requirements have then been met with high quality, the Graduate Review Committee will provide the applicant with a list of the courses and performance criteria required for formal admission to the program.

    International students are required to have a minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL test.
    APEX offers courses over the Internet that can be viewed from any computer with a high-speed connection (cable/DSL/LAN capable of 300 kbps download speeds). Classes are streamed live and archived for a period of two weeks after each class offering convenient, on-demand viewing. You MUST register through APEX as a webcast or live broadcast student in order to be eligible. Also, a NetID will be required in order to access the University Web Portal (Blackboard) which will allow access to University online services and, most importantly, the course materials posted by your instructor.

    Here is what you need to do to get started:
    1. make sure that you have access to a computer with Windows Media Player (preferably version 9) that meets the minimum requirements for Windows Media Player. This computer must have speakers and, most importantly, a broadband connection to the Internet (LAN - Local Area Network, cable modem or DSL - Digital Subscriber Line). A 56K modem dial-up is not acceptable.
    2. Fill out the USF Student Registration Form at the website http://feeds.eng.usf.edu/forms/nondegree_app.pdf and mail it along with the $20 application fee to the Registrar抯 Office (address on form).
    3. Once you have mailed the USF Student Registration Form, you must fill out the FEEDS Student Online Registration Form at our website and submit it electronically.
    4. If you do not know or do not have a coordinator at your site, please contact Jim Manning, Student Services and Materials Coordinator, at 813-974-3783 or jpmannin@eng.usf.edu
    5. When you have received confirmation of registration, you should go to http://www.auxsvc.usf.edu/usfcard.asp or the USF Card Center on campus to obtain a USF ID card. Students should have an ID card before classes for that semester begin.
    6. Get the textbook(s) for your class(es). You can learn about textbook purchasing at http://sftampa.bkstore.com

    Register through Academic & Professional Engineering Excellence(APEX) . Off-campus APEX sites may register by contacting the USF APEX administrative office at 813-974-3783. For registration through USF's OASIS system.
    The APEX Materials Coordinator is responsible for handling materials such as exams, homework assignments and term papers which are to be distributed to and collected from students viewing their classes at a remote location. Any materials not posted on the Blackboard system by the instructor should be sent to the FEEDS Materials Coordinator (Jim Manning, jpmannin@eng.usf.edu or 813-974-3783).

    The Materials Coordinator will send homework and other materials not announced in class or posted on Blackboard via e-mail except where very large documents are involved. If you need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free copy can be found at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/alternate.html. Any documents that need to be shipped to students are sent via UPS. Exams and are sent to a student抯 proctor one day before their administration except when instructors administer their exams on the Blackboard system.

    If a student is unsure of his or her proctor, he or she should notify the Materials Coordinator immediately. A proctor should be someone from the Human Resources department of the site at which a student is taking his or her exam, the student抯 direct supervisor or a staffer or librarian from a local library. Students cannot use other students or family members as proctors. All new proctors must complete the Affiliate Site Letter of Understanding and fax it to the FEEDS Office (813-974-8010) prior to his or her proctoring of an exam or quiz. Proctors must be present for the entire length of the exam or quiz to insure its proper administration.

    Notification of an upcoming exam is sent out one week prior to its scheduled administration time whenever possible. There is also a schedule of exam dates and times at http://feeds.eng.usf.edu/students/exam_calendar.asp. Please note that while FEEDS presents notification of an upcoming exam whenever possible, it is ultimately up to the student to consult his or her syllabus or instructor if it is unclear when an exam is to take place.

    It is imperative that exams and quizzes are administered at exactly the same time as the class unless prior arrangements have been made between you and the instructor. Alternate schedules must have prior written approval from the instructor. This approval must be sent to the proctor and the Materials Coordinator. This permission should also be attached to your exam when it is sent back to our office. Failure to take an exam or quiz at the designated time may result in exclusion from future FEEDS offerings and/or academic penalties including expulsion.

    Completed homework, projects and papers being returned to a student抯 instructor should be sent back to the Materials Coordinator by either a student or a proctor unless the instructor has stated otherwise. Completed exams and quizzes should be collected and returned by the proctor in the same manner. These materials should be shipped by FedEx, UPS or another similar delivery company that allows for in-transit tracking while en route to FEEDS. Packages should be shipped to:

    FEEDS Studios
    4202 East Fowler Avenue
    ENB 118
    Tampa, FL 33620

    All incoming and outgoing materials are catalogued in our Materials Tracking database to be sure that all materials have been properly transmitted to their appropriate destinations. If a student has any questions about the delivery of a given material, he or she should contact the Materials Coordinator as soon as possible. Graded materials will be sent back to the student抯 proctor. If a student would like to specify another delivery location, the student should notify the Materials Coordinator. A completed FEEDS Materials Coversheet should be attached to all homework and projects sent back to FEEDS.


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