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    Distance Learning

    Online Master of Arts Degree in Library and Information Science

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Committee on Accreditation, American Library Association Institutional Membership(s): SOC THIS PROGRAM IS PART OF THE ACADEMIC COMMON MARKET/ELECTRONIC CAMPUS

    Students whose legal residence in the following states: Delaware, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, upon admission may enroll at in-state tuition rates. Students must be certified by your home state ACM Coordinator. For information on the certification process please contact your state ACM Coordinator.
    PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Master of Arts - Master's Enrollment: 999 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: E-mail Subject: Library Science METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION
    The program is delivered primarily through internet

    Supplemental delivery formats include internet

    The M.A. Program in Library and Information Science (LIS) has been continuously accredited by the American Library Association since 1975. The mission of the School of Library and Information Science is to educate students for careers and leadership roles in library and information professions that serve the needs of a culturally diverse, technological society; to contribute to the body of theoretical and applied knowledge in the discipline; and to serve current and emerging needs in the University, the community, and the profession. The LIS program at the University of South Florida has approximately 400 degree seeking students. The School has been actively involved with distance education activities since 1978 and now offers face to face classes in selected locations in central and south Florida as well as entirely web-based classes. Approximately 70% of the school's courses are available on line.
    Students enrolled in on line courses at USF must have an active USF e-mail account, a USF NetID, and reliable Internet access. You may check whether or not your browser is compatible with the software used for distance education at the distance education web site.
    A NetID, available to enrolled USF students at https://my.usf.edu allows students to access learning resources online, including the USF Library.
    Library Services 813-974-2729;vlcomments@lib.usf.edu.
    USF Bookstore Toll-Free: 1-800-873-8114.
    Financial aid opportunities can be discussed with your program advisor. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 813-974-4700 for exceptions and the names of private lenders. Check the website for additional information. In order to be considered a full time graduate student for financial aid purposes ,a student must taken 9 semester hours of graduate level work per semester.


    Comprehensive examinations are required in Master's programs by the USF Graduate School and the Florida Board of Regents. Both of the accrediting entities under whose auspices we operate, the American Library Association and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), require a final evaluation or assessment of student performance. Successful completion of these examinations is required of all persons who graduate with a Master's degree from USF-SLIS.
    Students must be admitted to the Masters program and be currently in good standing. The University of South Florida requires that students be enrolled for a minimum of 2 hours of graduate credit during the semester when the comprehensive examination is taken. Students taking Comps are required to have completed at least 21 hours in the program, including five of the six core courses. Three of these completed core courses must include LIS 5404 Foundations of Library and Information Science, LIS 6603, Basic Information Sources and Services and LIS 6271 Research Methods for Library and Information Science.
    Students must be enrolled in the semester in which they graduate and must submit a graduation application. Potential graduates should review this check list:
    1) Have you already submitted an Approved Program of Studies to the LIS
    office in Tampa with your advisor's signature?
    2) If you took courses at another university, did you have OFFICIAL
    transcripts sent to the LIS office in Tampa and do you have evidence that
    the credit hours have been successfully transferred to USF?
    3) Have you removed any outstanding Incompletes? Please contact the Professor to make the necessary arrangements.
    4) Have you paid all outstanding debts to USF--tuition, library fines, parking fines, etc.
    Upon admission, degree seeking students are assigned an academic advisor who is a member of the permanent faculty of the School of Library and Information Science. Students are able to obtain academic counseling through email contact with their advisor, of if distance permits, through occasional face to face meetings. The staff of the School of Library and Information Science are able to help with issues related to course registration or other administrative problems.
    Transfer credit from other recognized graduate schools is limited to six semester hours taken within the last five years with grades of "B" or better. All transfers must be approved by the candidate's faculty advisor. Transfer credits must be posted to a student's permanent record no later than one full term prior to graduation.
    The School of Library and Information Science admits over 100 new students per semester during the academic year. Degree seeking students register on a priority basis. While enrollment by non degree seeking students (up to 12 semester hours total) is permitted, courses are frequently filled to capacity before the registration date for non matriculated students.
    At the present time two of the six core courses require attendance at a limited number of face to face meetings. They range in number from three to six meetings (usually on Saturday) during the semester.
    There are no specific program prerequisites other than completion of the equivalent of a four year bachelor抯 degree from an institution of post secondary education and submission of GRE scores from a test taken within the last five years.


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