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    Distance Learning

    Online Graduate Certificate in Wireless Engineering

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Institutional Membership(s): SOC PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Graduate Certificate - Certificate-Graduate Enrollment: 999 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: Electronic Conferencing, E-mail, Online Assignment Submission, Threaded Discussion Board Subject: Engineering METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION

    The program is delivered primarily through compressed video

    Supplemental delivery formats include compressed video

    This course uses APEX

    This certificate recognizes post-bachelors preparation for engineering of modern wireless circuits, antennas and communication systems. The applicable course list allows significant flexibility to accommodate variability in student preparation, and course scheduling. The program allows emphasis to be placed in either circuits and antennas or systems and networks, while requiring exposure to both.
    The candidate must have an earned B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. Any other degree tract must meet the Engineering department's approval. Must have completed one semester in Electromagnetic Field Theory.
    Distance students must have a computer with WMO 10 and a high speed internet connection.
    Classes are streamed live and archived for a period of two weeks after each class offering convenient, on-demand viewing. You MUST apply for admission to the Industrial Engineering department and once admitted, register through APEX as a webcast or live broadcast student in order to be eligible. Also, a NetID will be required in order to access the University Web Portal (Blackboard) which will allow access to University online services and, most importantly, the course materials posted by your instructor. The NetID, available to enrolled USF students allows students to access learning resources online, including the USF Library. For more information please call 1-866-974-1222 or e-mail help-ac@usf.edu. The Library can be reached at 813-974-2729, or by email. The Bookstore may be reached by calling (Toll-Free: 1-800-873-8114.) Books may be ordered online. The bookstore and library are able to accommodate online learners and provide detailed information on their web sites.
    Financial aid opportunities can be discussed with your program advisor. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 813-974-4700 for exceptions and the names of private lenders. Check the website for additional information. In order to be considered a full time graduate student for financial aid purposes, a student must taken 9 semester hours of graduate level work per semester.


    Focusing on one or more selected wireless topics, the Certificate requires the completion of 12 credits hours plus one credit of independent study for a total of 13 credit hours for completion of the certificate program. Courses are to be selected under the supervision of the certificate program advisor from the following options:

    RF and Microwave Courses (3 to 9 credits required)
    ELR 5306L - Wireless Circuits and Systems Design Laboratory** (3)
    EEL 6XXX RF/Microwave Circuits I** (3)
    EEL 6XXX RF/Microwave Circuits 2** (3)
    EEL 6XXXRF/Microwave Measurements** (3)
    EEL 6XXX Monolithic Microwave IC Design* (3)
    EEL 5432 Antenna Theory (3)
    EEL 6481 Numerical Techniques in EM (3)
    Wireless Communications and Systems Courses (3 to 9 credits required)
    EEL 5437 Wireless Systems Design and Analysis (3)
    EEL 6534 Communication Systems I (3)
    EEL 5572C Local & Metropolitan Area Networks (3)
    EEL 6509 Satellite Communications (3)
    Cont'd under electives due to space restrictions

    The list below is a continuation of the listing above for the required tracts:

    EEL 6593 Mobile and Personal Communication (3)
    EEL 6506 Broadband Communication Networks (3) OR
    EEL 6531 Broadband Telecommunications (3)
    EEL 6502 Digital Signal Processing I (3)
    EEL 7931 Selected Topics in Communication (3)
    Independent Study OR Wireless Seminar (1 credit required)
    EEL 6908 Independent Study/Project (1)
    EEL 5935 Special Electrical Engineering Topics I: Wireless Seminar (1)
    * New course proposal
    ** New course proposal. A similar course is offered at the 4000 level. Up to two of these courses can be applied to the certificate program, provided the courses were not used to fulfill the BSEE requirement; however, students who have all ready taken the
    undergraduate course cannot take the corresponding graduate course for credit.
    Wireless and Microwave Research and Instruction Program homepage:
    Contact: Larry Dunleavy, Electrical Engineering 4-2574 or dunleavy@eng.usf.edu
    Courses are permitted if they were not applied towards the BSEE degree. Check with the department to ascertain whether courses can be transferred.
    Complete Graduate Certificate Enrollment/Department Approval package (Acrobat PDF); Contact the designated certificate director or staff member to discuss application; Mail all forms to: University of South Florida, Office of Graduate Certificates FAO100B, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620. Each applicant will be notified in writing of acceptance or denial into a graduate certificate program. Admission into a graduate certificate in no way implies future admission to a graduate degree program. Application process: Please visit for more information http://www.outreach.usf.edu/gradcerts/admissions.asp and to download the application and instructions.
    The candidate must have an earned B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. Any other degree tract must meet the Engineering department's approval.
    Must have one semester in Electromagnetic Field Theory
    Standardized tests: There are no standardized test requirements.


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