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    Distance Learning

    Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) Institutional Membership(s): SOC PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Bachelor of Science - Bachelor's Enrollment: 55 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: E-mail, Online Assignment Submission, Threaded Discussion Board, Video Subject: Engineering Technology, General METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION

    The program is delivered primarily through compressed video

    Supplemental delivery formats include compressed video

    This course uses WebCT

    The Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology (BSET), Operations Concentration, is similar to Industrial Engineering Technology and it provides an orientation for professional careers in technical management and operations in manufacturing, sales, service and construction industries.
    Courses are offered via video streaming over the internet. The program is designed for students who have completed either an Associate of Arts Degree, an Associate of Science Degree, or the equivalent. This is a degree program and you must be admitted as a UCF undergraduate student before you register. (However, engineering technology students may take up to three ENT courses at a distance before being accepted by the University).
    Students are expected to be computer literate upon entry to the program or are expected to obtain these skills immediately upon admission to the program. Computer skills are necessary to access the courses. To participate in Web-based courses, you must have access to the UCF Campus Network or another Internet Service Provider. Recommended PC configuration: CPU: 733MHz or better Intel Pentium III processor, Memory: 128MB RAM, Hard drive: 10GB hard drive, Floppy drive: 3.5", 1.44MB, CD-ROM drive, Monitor: 15" Color SVGA .26mm Dot-pitch, Network Interface Card: 3COM or Intel 10/100 Ethernet card, Operating System: Windows NT Workstation/Windows 2000 (preferred), Windows XP or Windows 98/Millennium Edition w/Y2K Compliant Service packs installed. Recommended Mac configuration: CPU: 500MHz or better Power PC processor (Power Macintosh G4), Memory: 128MB RAM, Hard drive: 30GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, Monitor: 17" Color SVGA .26mm Dot-pitch, Keyboard and mouse, Network Interface Card: Built-in Ethernet, Operating System: Macintosh OS, current versions (OS 9.2.2/10.1.3), Specific information on current technical requirements is available http://learn.ucf.edu . Word processing is a necessity in virtually any college course today. Online students should be prepared to save word processed files as plain (ASCII) text files, to use their programs' copy & paste functions to post their work into e-mail messages and discussion messages, and to attach word processing files to e-mail. Recommended software includes: Microsoft Office XP for Windows, Microsoft Office 2001 for Macs Some courses may require other software programs in addition to those named here. See the course Web pages or consult with the course instructor about additional software requirements before registering for an online learning course.
    UCF provides extensive learning resources for its distant students. The UCF library provides information for distant students. For additional information about the UCF library and other online services, use the Library's home page, Quick Reference service, or phone 407-823-2562 or 1-866-271-7589 toll free. Students enrolled in Web-based courses may purchase textbooks from the UCF Bookstore by phone 407-823-2665 or toll free at 1-866-271-7589 using a credit card. Students may also order books online through the bookstore webpage. The bookstore will ship books within 48 hours via UPS ground. The shipping charges are US$6.00 for the first book and $1.50 for each additional book. For additional information, refer to the bookstore's webpage.
    Visit UCF抯 Career Resource Center provides for information and assistance regarding job placement, employment listings, on-campus recruitment, federal government employment, statewide job fairs, career expos, interviewing techniques, resume writing, internships and other career planning issues. Even though you are a distance learner, it is possible to get a UCF photo ID card by mail. Your unique card identification numbers are needed to gain access to many of the restricted resources through the UCF library. Additional information is available at http://online.ucf.edu
    Online students are eligible for financial aid following the same policies and procedures as on-campus students. The financial aid office phone number is (407) 823-2827. The office can be reached by email at finaid@mail.ucf.edu. Please go to the financial aid UCF website for application forms.


    Because this is a degree program, you must be admitted as a UCF undergraduate student before you can register. This program is designed for students with either an Associate of Arts Degree, an Associate of Science Degree, or the equivalent.
    TO EARN A BACHELOR'S DEGREE FROM UCF, STUDENTS MUST: Fulfill the requirements for the chosen major; Earn a minimum of 120 unduplicated semester credit hours with at least a 2.0; Students must complete 48 semester hours of upper division credit course work with 30 semester hours in regular courses completed at UCF.
    Dr. Lucy Morse is the program advisor and she can be reached at UCF's College of Engineering and Computer Science, 407-823-4742, morse@mail.ucf.edu
    (see credit section)
    This is a degree program and you must be admitted as a UCF
    undergraduate student before you register. (However, engineering technology students may take up to three ENT courses at a distance before being accepted into the University.) The admissions form is to be faxed to ENT at a Distance (Fax No:407-823-4746). Students at a distance and NOT at a predetermined center must register with Kim Small, Coordinator Academic Support, Engineering Technology: (407)
    823-4744 or ksmall@mail.ucf.edu.
    Math and physics classes may not be available at a distance.
    AA or AS degree or the equivalent are the program perequisites.


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