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    Distance Learning

    Online Master of Science Degree in Systems Management

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Southern Association of College and Schools Institutional Membership(s): SOC PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Master of Science - Master's Enrollment: 10000 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: E-mail, Voice, Blackboard Subject: Business, Mangement, Marketing, and Related Support Services METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION

    The program is delivered primarily through internet

    Supplemental delivery formats include internet

    The Master of Science in Systems Management/SM) program intellectually prepares students with varying academic experience in systems management to successfully function in these management positions within the private, public, and government sectors.
    An instructor approved proctor is required to proctor the final course exam. Contact the course instructor for
    specific requirements for selecting a proctor.
    In order to qualify to take a distance learning course for the first time, you must complete the Preparedness Exercise. The Preparedness Exercise is available online.
    Information on the books to be used for a specific course can be found in the course syllabus. You may order required books for our courses online, or by phone at 1-800-325-3252. If supplemental research sources are needed you may locate them at the Florida Tech Library web site or by phone at (407) 674-8955.
    As a general rule, a graduate student must be enrolled half time (at least five semester hours per term) in a degree program and must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen to qualify for federal and state financial aid. Financial aid forms are available through the Florida Tech Graduate Center assigned to you. Although applications are accepted throughout the year, students who wish to file the Federal Processor of Need Analysis need to do so by February 1, to ensure that all materials are received before the March 15 priority deadline. Applications must be submitted annually for each academic year. Further information about the financial aid packages offered by Florida Tech is available online.


    Program Prerequisites:

    MGT 5000 Financial Accounting
    MGT 5006 Introductory Managerial Statistics
    MGT 5022 Analytical Methods of Management
    MGT 5132 Basic Economics

    Note: In addition, computer literacy is required as a prerequisite. It can be demonstrated:

    1.The applicant's undergraduate course work
    2.Passing a proficiency exam
    3.Completing a suitable computer course.
    The basic requirement for receiving any master's degree is a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale where A
    = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. Both the overall GPA and the applicable program GPA must be 3.0 or
    greater for a master's degree to be awarded. The Professional Masters of Business Administration degree, is conferred upon students who have successfully completed (33) credit hours of core and elective courses as listed on the student's approved Graduate Program Plan. Additional prerequisite courses may be required depending on the applicant's undergraduate preparation.
    Students should contact their assigned Graduate Center for advising services.
    If the courses constitute a logical part of the student's master's program, a maximum of 12 semester hours of transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution may be accepted, with the approval of the dean of the Graduate School, under the following conditions:

    1.These courses must be eligible for graduate credit at the institution where they were taken.
    2.They must have been graded courses, and grades of at least B or equivalent must have been earned in each course.
    3.They must have been taken not more than six years prior to the student's first enrollment at Florida Tech.

    Transfer credits are not included in the computation of grade point averages.
    Under certain circumstances, applicants to the Graduate School can avoid delaying their education by registering for courses, for one semester only, while their applications are being processed, provided they are citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

    Students who register prior to admission are not eligible to receive federal student financial aid until they are admitted to the university.

    In the event that applicants are denied admission while enrolled in graduate courses, they will be given the option of either withdrawing with full tuition refund or completing the courses underway. If the applicant completes one or more graduate courses prior to being denied admission or completes a course for any other reason, he or she will not be given the option of withdrawing or receiving a tuition
    refund after completing the course.

    Check with your assigned Graduate Center for further information and requirements.
    All distance learning students must maintain at least weekly contact with their course instructor(s).
    Prerequisite courses are required of a student whose undergraduate major is outside the business area or who has not previously completed courses in these prerequisite areas. The exact number of prerequisite courses depends on courses completed during the student's undergraduate studies.

    The following prerequisite courses are designed to better prepare a student for MS/SM core courses:

    MGT 5000 Financial Accounting
    MGT 5006 Introductory Managerial Statistics
    MGT 5022 Analytical Methods of Management
    MGT 5132 Basic Economics


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