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    Distance Learning

    Online Certificate in Logistics

    INSTITUTION INFORMATION Institutional Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Program Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Institutional Membership(s): SOC Program Membership(s): SOCAD , SOCNAV . PROGRAM DETAILS Program Information: Certificate - Certificate-Undergraduate Enrollment: 999 seats total Application Deadline: Open How Students and Instructors Communicate: E-mail, Postal, Threaded Discussion Board, Voice, FAX Subject: Transportation and Materials Moving, Other METHOD OF COURSE INSTRUCTION

    The program is delivered primarily through internet

    Supplemental delivery formats include internet

    This course uses Blackboard

    Logistics, the science and management of procuring, maintaining, and transporting personnel and materials, is one of today's fastest-growing business specialties. The Logistics Certificate of Completion gives non-degree seeking students an opportunity to complement their practical experience in logistics with a thorough study of the theories and methods of the discipline. In addition, courses cover much of the material used in the Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) examination administered by the society of Logistical Engineers.
    Undergraduate semesters are 12 weeks in length. Terms begin the 15th of every month excluding December. The deadline to register is the 1st of the month that the course is being taken. For example: If a term starts September 15th, the deadline to register is September 1st.
    Minimum PC hardware requirements include:
    Pentium Processor or equivalent
    256 MB Ram
    CD-ROM Drive
    56 K modem recommended- Minimum
    Students will need access to the Internet and a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or later)
    Microsoft Office 2000 or higher
    The university is well able to assist the distance learner through the library and bookstore.
    Reference Librarians can be reach at (800)678-9428 or (386) 226-7656 and by e-mail at ec_library_support@erau.edu. Books and library materials can been ordered online or by calling (386) 226-6062.
    Students interact with their instructors and other students throughout the term via private email, the electronic bulletin board, or by phone. The instructors provide timely feedback on assignments, examinations, readings, and any questions a student may have regarding their courses. Embry-Riddle has been offering degree programs through Online learning for over 20 years.
    Each student is assigned an academic advisor who assists them with advising and enrollment. Students also have access to a strong student support system, including Career Services, Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs� and IT Support. If you have any questions about the degree programs or application process, please click here to Contact a Student Recruiter at worldwide.online.recruitment@erau.edu. We'll be happy to help you.
    Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loans and Federal PELL Grants are available for eligible degree-seeking online learning students. Students may contact the Financial Aid Office at (800)943-6279 or (386)226-6300. Students may apply online. Financial Aid is generally not available to non-degree seeking students.


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