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Tips and Advices for Pre-Dental Students

Ten Tips for Pre-Dental Students

1. Major in the field which interests you the most, while showing good ability in science.
2. Explore the field of dentistry; be sure you know the positive and negative aspects of being a dentist, and about the future of dentistry.
3. Pursue in-depth, extra-curricular activities which interest you. Dental schools like interesting people. Leadership skills and the ability to work with others, particularly in our multicultural society, are valued.
4. While grades are important, more than academic performance is considered. Grade trends are important; a less than spectacular year can be overcome.
5. You will need letters of evaluation from teachers and others who know you and your work well. These come best from people with whom you have a "natural relationship," e.g., shared interest in academic and/or professional matters.
6. Develop your ability to read, write, and think. Only part of dentistry is science.
7. Pursue an academic interest in depth, e.g., research. However, research need not be in a laboratory.
8. Selectively enjoy what SLU has to offer. Make friends and do things. Keep alert to opportunities.
9. Don't let your drive to be a dentist become you. Your worth should not be measured by your success in getting into dental school.
10. There are many paths to dental school. People of different backgrounds, experiences, and ages, etc. all get there.

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