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The Dental School Application Timetable


Make an appointment with an advisor to get acquainted. Explore ways to prepare for the DAT. Open a letter file.


Request letters of recommendation. Take DAT. Most schools will use the highest set of scores; however, others will use the most recent set.

Pick up an AADSAS application request card from the Testing Center or DOA office. Contact AADS.


Make an advising appointment with your advisor, and bring your DAT scores, draft of your personal statement, along with a list of your choice of schools. Write to dental schools not participating in AADSAS to obtain applications.


File application(s). Transcripts of each college attended are to be mailed to AADSAS along with the application and should include Spring work. Mail other information directly to AADSAS schools only as directed in instruction booklet of AADSAS application.


Interviews are usually conducted at the individual dental school. We also have information on succeeding through interviews.


Recheck letters of recommendation if they were not on file earlier. Requests for supplementary information and interviews begin and run through next Spring.


Send postcards to schools to double-check that all requested information has been received.

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