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Preparing for a Career in Physical Therapy

Physical therapists (PT) plan and carry out programs for physically disabled persons of all ages, whatever the source of the disability. Therapists often must counsel with patients and patients' families concerning supervision of the therapy program. Therapists coordinate their physical rehabilitation plans with a consulting physician. They may be employed in hospitals, private clinics, various service groups, or other health care facilities.

Salaries of entry level positions vary from $32,000-$35,000. Physical therapists must be licensed in all 50 states; state examination information is available from individual state licensing boards.

Most physical therapy schools require a bachelor's degree for entry into their program. A Master's degree is the appropriate terminal degree. If you are completing a bachelor's degree at Fort Lewis College and plan to enter a Master's program at another school after graduation, you will find some variation in prerequisite required courses. You should check with the physical therapy school of your choice to make certain you are clear on entry requirements. The University of Colorado Physical Therapy program became a Master's degree program with the entering class of 1990. All applicants are required to have a Bachelor's degree completed prior to matriculation. The minimum undergraduate GPA required is 3.0; a minimum GRE cumulative score (Verbal and Quantitative) of 1000 is required. The following courses will almost certainly be required, however.

Biological Sciences (14 credits)
Bio 111 or 206 & 207
Bio 121 or 341
Bio 321
Physical Sciences (16 credits)
Chem 150 & 151 or Chem 303 & 304
Phys 201 & 202 or 217 & 218
Behavioral Science (any combination to equal 6 credits)
Psych 157, 254, 387, etc.
English 116
ES 330 or 332
ES 360
Math 201 or Psy 241

All these courses must be completed at a "C" level or higher grade. For further information consult the file in Room 711BH, or write:

Physical Therapy Program
University of Colorado
4200 E. Ninth Avenue, Box C244
Denver, CO 80262
(303) 372-9144
American Physical Therapy Assn.
1111 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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