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Preparing for a Career in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the art and science of dispensing drugs. The goal of a pharmacist is to make the best use of medications available to treat illness. Pharmacists may work in independent or chain pharmacies, hospitals, industry, government, extended health care facilities, or group practices. Many pharmacists pursue additional degrees in law, business, medicine, etc., after completion of their B.S. or Pharm.D. degree in pharmacy.

Pharmacists may earn two professional degrees: the B.S. (a 5-year program of study) or the Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy), which usually requires more than six years of study.

There are 74 schools of pharmacy in the U.S. Some do not offer the Pharm. D. degree. Admission to pharmacy school requires at least a 2.0, but is very competitive. Thus, students should expect to have a GPA well above the 3.0 level. Entrance is also based on scores for the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test). For further information concerning pharmacy schools consult the file in Room 711BH, or write:

American Pharmaceutical Association
2215 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037

The following Fort Lewis College courses should be taken if you plan to transfer to the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy.

Biology of the Cell (Bio 111)
General Zoology (Bio 207)
Fundamentals of Chemistry (Chem 150,151)
Organic Chemistry (Chem 303,304)
Pre-Calculus II (Math 121)
Physics with lab (Phys 201,202 or 217,218)
Principles of Economics (Econ 262/272)

For further information about the pharmacy program at Colorado University consult the file in 711BH, or write:

School of Pharmacy
University of Colorado
Box 297
Boulder, CO 80309-0297
(303) 492-6278

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