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Letter of Recommendation for Medical School

AMCAS does not accept letters of recommendation. Instead, the medical schools to which you apply will request recommendations if they plan to consider your application seriously. Unless you hear otherwise, most medical schools prefer to have a composite letter from your undergraduate college which summarizes your suitability for a medical career. The Pre-Health Professions Committee provides this service for Fort Lewis students. Most of our regional medical schools expect a letter from the Fort Lewis College Pre-Health Committee rather than individual letters. If they see individual letters instead, it may raise a red flag on your application, making them wonder why you "by-passed" the Committee.

You can help the Committee by giving them an up-to-date resume that details your coursework, academic achievements, extracurricular activities and work history. If any of the Committee are unlikely to remember you well, make an appointment to talk with them. You can discuss your interest in medicine, your performance in their class and any further work you may have done in their field of interest.

The Pre-Health Professions Committee will prepare a letter of your recommendation which it will forward to the medical schools who request it. The recommendation is based on your academic performance, your MCAT scores, members' knowledge of your character, and the results of your Pre-Health Professions Committee interview.

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