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The importance of early application cannot be overemphasized.

AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) begins processing applications on June 15, and your application should be in as soon after that date as possible. For most UCSB students who plan carefully, July 15th is a very reasonable target date. There is a sharp decline in the number of interview invitations and, consequently, possible acceptances students receive with later applications. Some students are still waiting for interviews months after schools have accepted their first students. In particular, if there are some weaknesses in your application, your chances may be substantially improved by early submission.

You may request that your Health Professions file be finalized and forwarded just as soon as your folder is complete. IN ORDER FOR OUR OFFICE TO MEET YOUR EARLY DEADLINE, YOUR EVALUATIONS MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE BY LATE SPRING OR EARLY SUMMER. From the time that your letters and application are received, it takes about two weeks for your cover letter to be written and your file finalized for fowarding to medical schools. If your file is complete by mid-July, you will have put yourself in the best possible position. In addition, if there are some apparent weaknesses in your file, you will have time to correct these deficiencies. If we receive your request once school has resumed in the fall, it is possible that neither you nor we will have the opportunity to prepare your very best case. This can and should be avoided.

NOTE: You should request all of your letters before you leave campus for the summer. Members of the faculty often scatter soon after students leave. Make every effort to ensure that your faculty letters are on file before you leave for the summer or at the very latest, by the end of July.

REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to track down that last letter.


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