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GPA and Dental School Admissions


As admissions standards for medical school have become more competitive, it is clear that grade-point average has become more important to those who review applications for medical school. Over the past few years, the average overall GPA of students accepted into medical school has ranged between 3.40 and 3.47. The science GPA of recently accepted students has been approximately 3.41.

Grade-point average, however, is not the only criterion for acceptance into medical school. Admissions committees also consider course loads, types of courses taken, and extenuating circumstances. Remember that one low grade won't necessarily eliminate you from the running. You shouldn't let the pursuit of an outstanding GPA make you too timid to take some challenging courses.

Most importantly, we encourage students to strive for excellence, while recognizing that the attainment of high grades is only one important facet of educational success. Grade-point average is important. Medical schools use it as a basic, preliminary way of evaluating applications (along with the MCAT). You should plan a schedule of classes which you can complete at a satisfactory level, and if you aren't doing well in a course, talk with advisers and faculty, who will help you assess the situation.


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