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GPA and Medical School Admission: Medical School GPA Requirements

The first factor that an admission committee looks at to decide your acceptance to a medical school is your GPA, especially science GPA. Therefore, you must maintain your GPA as high as possible.

The following is the summary of very basic techniques for grade point success. Although these techniques are really simple, you often fail to practice them, and the students without good study habits are often those who complain about the difficulty of the course.

  • Obtain old exams: You can get old exams from upper classmates, teaching assistants, or even the professors. Remember that the professors sometimes are not creative enough to change the formats or even the contents of their exams every term. Therefore, studying these exams beforehand provides you some ideas on what will be on the new exams.
  • Take a reasonable course load: Reasonable schedule means more time to concentrate on your classes. You will have chance to enjoy your classes and study them in depth.
  • Study alone: In most circumstances, studying alone is the best way to get higher grades because it helps you avoid unnecessary discussions on some irrelevant topics with your study partners.
  • Choose a proper study environment: Library-like environment is where you could study efficiently because it is quiet, and most people seem to study real hard there.
  • Highlight your books: This is the good way to filter out minor details, and it's also an excellent way to preview for exams.
  • Make flash cards: This technique is most useful, but less used, technique. It triggers your long term memory deeply. Anyone who's been through biology class could see the power of this technique in learning biological terms.
  • Keep a social life: Social relaxation provides an excellent release for tension and prevents burnout.
  • Understand concepts that seem unlikely to appear on the exam: Uh huh! These concepts are what your professor writes extra credit questions on. So, if you want to be a stand-out of the class, make sure you touch on these questions.
  • Don't memorize when you can understand: Generally, it's less efficient to memorize many details than to understand a general principle from which you can derive the specifics.

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