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Dental School Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are one of the important criteria used by admissions committees to assess the student's general motivation. Medical and other professional schools are interested in students who can demonstrate some level of achievement in any field of interest, including non-academic and non-professional areas such as athletics, music, drama, student government, etc. It is crucial that students participate in some form of clinical and/or research activity, such as volunteering in a hospital, working on a rescue squad, or setting up a research project with a SHU faculty member or a researcher at a Medical School. What is important is the extent of your interest, involvement and achievement in the chosen activity. It is, however, very important that such activities do not interfere with your grade point average (GPA).

Alpha Epsilon Delta - Admissions committees make every effort to identify applicants who have a mature, realistic understanding of what medical, osteopathic medical, and dental career entails. For this reason, it is in your best interest to have some type of pre-professional activity to demonstrate your readiness for the health field. Many opportunities for involvement are offered to Seton Hall students through Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) the international honors society for pre-medical and pre-dental students. Interested students should apply for membership in AED during their Sophomore year, if they have a science and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. The New Jersey Alpha Chapter of AED at Seton Hall is active in various health related areas. The society has a bulletin board on the second floor of McNulty Hall next to the Chemistry Office where all meetings and information are announced. Additional information can be obtained through the pre-medical advisors' secretary in Room 337 of McNulty Hall.

Summer opportunities - Summer offers a good opportunity for the expansion of the individual in a variety of ways. You can volunteer at the above-mentioned places, hold a research position or a non-science job, or attend summer school. In addition to the health-related volunteer or paying jobs, research work can be advantageous to all students. For example, having an article published in a scientific journal adds much weight to your application, especially at prestigious medical and dental schools.

Students interested in science research should approach a professor in whose class they did well and try to obtain a position with or through him/her. For some students, it is not financially feasible to obtain a job in a health-related field. If you must work during the summer in a non-science job in order to earn money, you should state this fact on the application form since admissions committees do not frown upon the self-supporting student.

If you choose to take summer courses you should make sure that any courses taken at other institutions are accepted for transfer by Seton Hall. However, summer courses are usually looked upon less favorably by admissions committees since it is difficult to judge the quality and difficulty of the summer course curriculum.


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