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Dental School Admissions Application

The remainder of this handbook will focus on the medical school application process itself. At first glance, applying to medical school will appear to be extremely complicated, but our aim in working with you will be to help you organize yourself in such a way that the process can be visualized step by step. We cannot emphasize enough how important it will be for you to be organized as you go through the application process. Later in this handbook we have included a checklist that you might wish to use as a record-keeping system.

Most medical schools have application deadlines in the fall. However, if you wait until then to send your application, you will have diminished your chances for acceptance. You should submit your application as soon after July 1 as possible.

On a typical application you list extracurricular activities, work experience, and the like and expand upon your background and career goals in one or more essays. You cannot be too careful when preparing your application. Because there is a large, highly qualified applicant pool, presentation is important. If your typing skills are not reliable, we recommend that you hire a professional to prepare your application.

Usually the most difficult part of the application is the narrative, and we advise students not to put off writing it. Think of the narrative as an opportunity to personalize your application, to distinguish it from the many other applications that the committee will review. Explain the value and meaning of your experience, emphasizing the positive, but dealing realistically with the negative. Your essay should be neither a long apology nor an unqualified boast. Be sure to organize your narrative logically, omitting any extraneous material. It is best to write out your statement on a separate piece of paper, perhaps several times, before transcribing it to the application. Always remember the audience, and your purpose in writing the statement. You are trying to convince the admissions committee to accept you.

The pre-med adviser can give you constructive criticism of your final draft. Be sure to avail yourself of this service, as well as asking other people you respect for their insight on your statement.

The application process can be long and grueling, and at times you may become discouraged, frustrated, and anxious. During this time your peer group will be particularly important in offering support and understanding. We pride ourselves in having a largely supportive group of pre-medical students who work well together and are sensitive to the pressures of this year-long process.


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