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DAT: Dental Admission Test

Required for students applying for admission to all dental schools in the United States.

The DAT consists of approximately 280 multiple-choice questions. You will have approximately four and one-half hours to complete the text (including a short rest break about halfway through the test). The DAT is divided into separate sections, each of which is timed separately. During the time allowed for each section, you will be permitted to work only on that section. You will not be allowed to go back to earlier sections or on to later sections. There are four content areas measured by the DAT:
The Survey of the Natural Sciences:

Includes Cell and Molecular Biology; Biological Organization and Relationship of Major Taxa; Structure and Function of Vertebrate Systems; Developmental Biology; Genetics; Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior. There are approximately 40 questions in this section.
General Chemistry:
Includes Stoichiometry; Gases; Liquids and Solids; Solutions; Acids and Bases; Chemical Equilibria; Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Oxidation-Reduction Reactions; Atomic and Molecular Structure; Periodic Properties; Nuclear Reactions; Laboratory. There are approximately 30 questions in this section.
Organic Chemistry:
Includes Mechanisms (Energetics, Structure, and Stability of Intermediates); Chemical and Physical Properties of Molecules and Organic Analysis; Stereochemistry; Nomenclature; Reactions of the Major Functional Groups and Combinations of Reactions to Synthesize Compounds; Acid-base Chemistry; Aromatics and Bonding. There are approximately 30 questions in this section.

Total: 100 Questions in 90 minutes.

The Perceptual Ability
section includes angle discrimination, form development cubes, orthographic projections, apertures, and paper folding. There are approximately 90 questions in this section. 60 minute time limit.
The Reading Comprehension
section measures ability to read, organize, analyze, and remember new information in dental and basic sciences. There are three reading passages and approximately 50 questions in this section. 60 minute time limit.
The Quantitative Reasoning
section covers algebra, numerical calculations, conversions, probability and statistics, geometry, trigonometry and applied mathematics problems. There are approximately 40 questions in this section. 45 minute time limit.

Official DAT information

The DAT is administered on computer throughout the United States and its territories. The DAT is not offered in foreign countries. The Written DAT is NO longer administered. Candidates may be scheduled for the Computerized DAT on almost any date. There are no application deadlines. Once a DAT application is received in the Department of Testing Services and found acceptable, a notice will be sent to the candidate that he or she can schedule an appointment with Sylvan. 90 Days must lapse before a candidate is eligible for retesting.

At scheduled testing centers listed in the 2003 Information Booklet.
How to Apply:

Obtain an Application and Preparation Materials packet from the Office of Biomedical Professions. Send the completed application and fee to the Dental Admission Testing Program.

The application fee is $160 (money order or certified check). A DAT tutorial is available for $10 (money order or certified check) from the Department of Testing Services.


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