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Best Dental Schools

There are many very good dental schools in the US and all are required to give you the same basic education. That being said, some are much better than others. While investigating schools to attend some factors to keep in mind:

Specialty training - Is the school interested in churning out general dentists or do they support specialty training

Location - Some school's are in crappy locations and cities.

Tuition - In-state tuition at the average school can cost ~$10-15 K per year while out of state can to~$40K.

Student happiness - Talk to students from each class and find out the pros and cons

With regard to specialty training, the ones most difficult to get into are those with the best lifestyle ie Orthodontics and Endodontics. Both are good specialties and pay very well, but the work can become monotonous after many year. Pediatrics is a good choice and easier to get into and is rewarding working with children, but can be difficult because many kids can be scared. Periodontics is a specialty of the past in that when people get severe periodontal disease we don't try and heriocally save them anymore. Dental implants have really changed this practice. Prosthodontics is thriving in the face of the dental implant revolution. Finally Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is the most diverse, dynamic and challenging of the specialties. Its scope of practice ranges from dentoalveolar surgery (wisdom tooth extractions), trauma (broken facial bones ie noses, jaws), cancer surgery, orthographic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery as well as temporomandibular joint surgery. You can choose to practice in one or all of these fields, work in or out of the hospital setting and work as many or as few hours as you desire. If you choose you may also earn an MD degree in addition to your DDS to further augment your training and hospital presence.


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