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Medical School Application Timeline

Being organized is a very important characteristic that a medical student needs to succeed in a medical school; therefore, you should keep your application process in a great order. This also help you to avoid a lot of troubles later on such as missing an application deadline. The best way to organize your application process is to set up a time-table for important events. Here is an example:

*** Junior Year:

November through April:

  • Begin review for MCAT

February or March:

  • Apply for Spring MCAT


  • Think about which medical schools to apply for
  • Collect letters of recommendation
  • Take the April MCAT.
  • Get the AMCAS application packet from your premedical advisor or request it from:


  • Interpret MCAT scores and GPA with premedical advisor
  • Make first draft of AMCAS essay.
  • Send for medical school catalogs.
  • Send transcripts to AMCAS and non-AMCAS schools


  • Revise and polish AMCAS essay
  • Submit AMCAS application at earliest allowed date.
  • Begin completing non-AMCAS applications as soon as possible


  • Inform premedical committee where to send your composed recommendation letter (if your school has such a committee).
  • Register for fall MCAT if scores were low and you feel you are now better prepared.
  • Take the August MCAT if needed
*** Senior year:


  • Make sure that your applications are complete and that letters of recommendation have been received. Call to confirm if necessary.


  • Be patient! Interviews will come!


  • Try to schedule interviews during Winter Break for convenience.


  • Fill out GAPSFAS form for financial aid.
  • Send updated transcripts if requested by schools


  • If no one loves you by Valentine's Day, speak immediately with your premedical advisor. He or he may be able to call on your behalf.


  • If you are wait-listed, send a letter expressing continued interest.

April August:

  • Acceptance letters are still sent out, so stay calm. Made sure medical schools can each you or a family member by telephone at all time.

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