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Preparing for the MCAT:

Note that the earlier you start preparing, the better. Reviewing for the MCAT will involve effort as any other test -- just much and much more! You should start the review at least six (and probably nine) months before the exam. You should commit yourself to an intensive review of concepts and information that will be pertinent to the exam. Also, do as many practice exams as possible before the exam.

Examination tips during the exam:

  • Read all directions with great care
  • Time is a limiting factor, so don't leave a question blank, but give your best guess because you don't get any penalty for guessing
  • Be conscious of your allotted time
  • In the Verbal Reasoning section, quickly read the questions before you read the passage
  • All questions in the Verbal Reasoning section are based only on information the passage. Don't use your own knowledge to answer the questions.
  • Before starting each essay on VR, write a very brief outline in the margin of the booklet.
  • While working the science sections, rely on your fundamental understanding of chemistry, biology, and physics.

Professional MCAT Prep Courses:

Remember that your MCAT scores are the product of your hard work. However, professional prep courses could only provide you appropriate materials for best review. However, a lot of students think they gain more confidence just by taking these commercial prep-course.

Major commercial prep-course providers

  • Kaplan Commercial Prep-course
  • The Princeton Preview
  • Berkeley Review
  • MCAT Crammer
  • Columbia Review
  • Online Premedical Resources
  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)


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