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Computerized MCAT

The MCAT Exam has gone paperless!

Most of our international testing sites have been computerized for several years. Last year we added 10 U.S. computerized sites as alternatives. We will now deliver the MCAT exam as a computerized exam only, starting in January 2007. Thomson Prometric will deliver the computerized MCAT on behalf of the AAMC multiple times per year, at hundreds of testing sites in North America and select sites in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Benefits of the Computerized MCAT Exam

Computerizing the MCAT offers advantages for both students and admissions offices:

  • Test administrations will increase from twice a year to 22 per year.
  • Morning and afternoon sessions will be available on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • Students may take the MCAT exam up to three times per year (but may be registered for only one testing date at a time).
  • The computerized test day will be about half as long as the paper-and-pencil administration day, primarily because there is less administrative overhead.
  • Beginning in 2007, the number of questions will be reduced by about one-third (without changing the content representation), and the allowed testing time will be reduced by about 30 percent. Research showed that a shorter MCAT exam would retain its predictive power.
  • Beginning in 2007, scores will be reported in 30 days instead of 60 days. Our objective is to eventually reduce reporting to 14 days.

Computerized Testing Environment

Thomson Prometric testing centers are climate- and sound-controlled, designed and built exclusively for CBTs. Ergonomic chairs, guest lockers, state-of-the-art equipment, and noise reduction headphones will be available to examinees.

Thomson Prometric has testing sites throughout North America and around the world. They are building new sites in locations where the MCAT potentially has more examinees than they can seat.

Computerized MCAT Exam Registration and Scheduling

Online registration for each testing date will open roughly six months prior to the testing date. Please see the current listing of test dates (PDF, 2 pages) for registration opening dates. Thomson Prometric will reserve seats for MCAT examinees until 60 days before each testing date. After this, the seats will be released to people who wish to register for other tests. However, students will still be able to register for the MCAT exam up until two weeks before a chosen testing date. Through online registration and scheduling, it will be possible to change testing dates.

Thomson Prometric

Thomson Prometric, a leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services, offers hundreds of testing sites around the world. Thomson Prometric is building testing sites in select locations to meet MCAT demand. New sites will be added to the list of MCAT Test Centers as they are established.


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