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LSAT Tips: Taking the LSAT

Tips for Essay Questions

  • Spend 30-60 seconds planning your answer
  • Answer exactly the question asked, not what you thought it would ask
  • Answer all parts of the question
  • Write in paragraphs. Many questions have several parts, so make each one a paragraph.
  • Be sure to write enough; use all your time; don't leave the room early.
  • Write an essay, not a list or diagram (unless requested)
  • Display that you know the material
  • Use the same vocabulary as the textbook and lectures
  • Define your terms briefly
  • If you cannot answer the entire question, answer any parts you know.
  • Give examples; give examples; give examples
  • Stimulate your analysis with words like these. Memorize them
    • because...
    • therefore...
    • consequently...
    • for example...
    • the next stage was ...

More LSAT Tips

Self Study
Almost all LSAT takers could fall into this category. Students prepare for the LSAT by studying books, tutorials, practice exams etc.

Training Courses
Many students take LSAT preparation or training courses. Popular courses such as Princeton Review or Kaplan provide students with in class training and resources to help them prepare.

Timed Practice Exams
No matter what style of preparation you prefer, almost all students take timed practice exams before test day.

Do what works for you
Students know their strengths and weaknesses for test preparation. We suggest you find a method that works best for you and stick to it. The more you prepare, the more confident you will be on test day.

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