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LSAT Prep Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Most professors use banks of questions prepared by the book publisher. Virtually all publishers make these available to students in printed study guides and computer programs. For example, 1,400 questions from the Janda, Berry and Goldman text are available from the publisher's web site. Composing good multiple choice questions is difficult and time consuming so professors who make up their own questions usually repeat them every year or two. Review old examinations in fraternity and Student Union files. This is not cheating any more than using publishers questions.

Ask yourself how the choices interrelate. For instance are three of the four about same item, asking you to make distinctions? The professor is trying to see if you know the details.

Guess. Rarely does a professor penalize guessing by subtracting one fourth of the wrong answers from the total right answers. The GRE, LSAT and GMAT do, but they are more sophisticated.

  • Eliminating one or two obviously wrong answers will improve your odds in guessing.
  • In case of doubt, go with your first impulse.
  • In case of doubt, choose the longest answer. It is probably longest in order to encompass the exact phraseology.
  • In case of doubt, choose "b" if the professor wrote the questions. They do not randomize the way automatic programs do.

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