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Why Attend Law School

Every law student has a unique answer when asked to explain why they chose to go to law school. Some want to fight injustice, some want to make lots of money, some want to change government policy, and some just want to help people. Whatever the reason, law school can be an awesome experience, and it can help you gain the tools you need to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

The area of Indian law has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Every year, the Federal Bar Association’s Indian Law Section seems to attract more and more attendance. There has also been a corresponding growth in job opportunity with tribes all over the United States. There are many opportunities to increase tribal economic development, and strengthen tribal sovereignty on many fronts.

As tribes increase their economic profile, there is a corresponding need in non-Indian communities to take Indian treaty rights and obligations into consideration in negotiation of business contracts, tribal-state compacts, administrative regulation and management of federal lands, protection of environmental quality, habitat and species, protection of Indian artwork and intellectual property, etc. The list is growing.

By pursuing a law degree with an Indian law concentration, you can equip yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate one of the most complex areas of law. Indian law touches on every other kind of law at federal, state and local levels. Most lawyers do not have an understanding of the unique position of Indian tribes which increases the demand for legal professionals with Indian law background and expertise.

There are many reasons why law school might be a benefit to you, and not all of them are articulated here. Law school is an investment of money, time and effort. The decision to go to law school should be taken seriously because of that investment. We hope that this guide is helpful in answering some questions about law school, and in getting started down the path to becoming a lawyer.

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